Who fr4om SEVENTEEN's Performance Team is your perfect match? Who fr4om SEVENTEEN's Performance Team is your perfect match?

Quiz: Which member from SEVENTEEN's Performace Team would date you?

Four amazing dancers are part of the SEVENTEEN Performance Team, find out with this fun quiz who among them is perfect for you

The talents of SEVENTEEN's dance specialists stand out even more in the Performance Team, who would be your true love? Find out your compatibility with them in this quiz.

Each member of SEVENTEEN specializes in something different, whether it's dancing, rapping, or singing. This is why this idol group is made up of 3 subunits in which specialists from each field work. This is how this boy band has improved teamwork and achieved better organization.

SVT has the Performance Team, which is made up of Hoshi, Jun, THE8, and Dino. These four members of the K-Pop group are excellent dancers and have shown it in each performance of the group. But they are also excellent singers, not only as vocalists, but also as rappers. As if that weren't enough, all 4 of them have worked on their own songs.

As a subunit and solo, SEVENTEEN's Performance Unit shines with its own light thanks to all the talents and abilities of its members. Furthermore, each of them has a beautiful personality that has also managed to win CARAT's heart on many occasions.

SEVENTEEN dancers are not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside and there is much we can admire about them, is your bias in the Performance Team? Find out who of the members of the subunit would date you with this fun quiz.

Quiz: Who from the SEVENTEEN Performance Team would be your perfect match?

What is your favorite film genre?

Which of these words relates most to your personality?

Which of the following drinks do you like the most?

Who from SEVENTEEN's Performance Unit would date you? | Twitter: @FlyTHE8_Spain

Which of these animals would you have as a pet?

How would your friends define you?

What would you like to learn in your spare time?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the result of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Hoshi

You are very compatible with the leader of the Performance Team, Hoshi would be your perfect date boy, both would make a dynamic duo that perhaps no one would want to miss, is he your SEVENTEEN bias?

Hoshi would date you | Twitter: @BrasilHoshi

2. Mostly B: Jun

You and Jun have a lot in common, so this Performance Team member would definitely date you. It would be so much fun to share many moments next to this incredible dancer who is also a singer and actor, OMG.

Jun would be your perfect match | Twitter: @MinnieS1713

3. Mostly C: THE8

You have a lot in common with THE8 from SEVENTEEN, a talented dancer who also has a bright personality, even though he may seem a bit serious at times, he's actually so cool that you'd end up completely falling in love with him.

THE8 and you'd have an amazing date | Twitter: @LOOKSXMH

4. Mostly D: Dino

The maknae of SEVENTEEN and also of the Performance Team, Dino would be your perfect date because you have many things in common with him, woah! He would be great, he is such an amazing, bright and funny idol.

Dino would date you | Twitter: @Dino_Brasil

Did your performance team bias have a lot in common with you? It was a fun quiz, filled with SEVENTEEN's most talented idols for dancing.

We have more quizzes for you and here you will find out who from SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team would date you. 

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