Who from ENHYPEN would be your bestie? Who from ENHYPEN would be your bestie?

Quiz: Which member from ENHYPEN would be your best friend?

The members of ENHYPEN have captivated ENGENE with their personalities, could any of them be your bestie? Find it out with this quiz

Who wouldn't love to have the members of ENHYPEN as best friends? You could be their faithful companion at all times and they would completely trust you, discover which of the members of this boy band would be your BFF.

ENHYPEN debuted in 2020, an idol group that was formed from the reality show called I-LAND. This is how the best contestants of the program were chosen and soon a group full of charisma and talent was formed that, even before its debut, managed to get the love of many fans.

The best thing is that the EN- fandom has been growing over time and ENGENE is getting stronger and has more members who want to show all their love, admiration, respect and support for the young idols that make up this K-Pop group. There is much to admire in them, their talents, skills, personalities and visuals.

In addition, these artists also show that today they have a great bond, fate simply united their souls so that they all work as a team and shine as they do in every comeback and performance. There are a lot of elements that make ENHYPEN and its members special.

And surely many fans would love to be best friends with the ENHYPEN members, but maybe only one of them will be compatible enough to be their bestie. Find it out with our fun quiz.

Quiz: Which ENHYPEN member would be your bestie?

Which one of these color do you like the most?

 What would you like to doo on your free time?

Besides ENHYPEN, which K-Pop group do you like the most?

Which ENHYPEN member would be your best friend? | Twitter: @ENHYPEN_Social

Which one of these foods is your favorite one?

 Which word defines you the most?

What's your favorite ENHYPEN song?

Who from ENHYPEN is your bestie? | Twitter: @enhypen_africa

Did you wirte your answers down? Let's see the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Jungwon

You have great compatibility with ENHYPEN's Jungwon, the group leader would quickly become your best friend, all his love and support would be shown to each other at every moment.

Jungwon is your bestie | Twitter: @sequin_scans

2. Mostly B: Heeseung

Heeseung and you have many things in common, this would connect you instantly and you could achieve a viable friendship. Surely you would always show your love and support to your ENHYPEN bestie.

Heeseung would be your best friend | Twitter: @sequin_scans

3. Mostly C: Jay

Jay would definitely be your bestie as you both have very similar personalities and interests and could share the best moments with each other. You will become his confidante.

Jay will be your BFF |Twitter: @sequin_scans

4. Mostly D: Jake

Surely you would have an unparalleled friendship with Jake, this ENHYPEN idol would make the best duo with you and thus form an amazing bond that everyone will be jealous of.

Jake is your best friend from ENHYPEN | Twitter: @sequin_scans

5. Mostly E: Sunghoon

Sunghoon has a beautiful soul who would be completely compatible with you, which is why you two would have a precious friendship full of memorable moments for both of you.

Sunghoon would be your bestie | Twitter: @sequin_scans

6. Mostly F: Sunoo

Your friendship with Sunoo would be unparalleled, since both have very similar interests, hobbies and personalities, thus you'd make an unbeatable duo.

You and Sunoo would have an amazing friendship | Twitter: @sequin_scans

7. Mostly G: Ni-Ki

ENHYPEN's maknae and you have a lot in common, so Ni-Ki would be your bestie without thinking. You would have great chemistry and would be just inseparable.

You'd be Ni-Ki's best friend | Twitter: @sequin_scans

Did your bias also happen to be your best friend? Maybe this ENHYPEN member would put you in the friend zone, OMG, no!

We have more quizzes for you, here we leave you another one that will tell you which member of STRAY KIDS is your true love. 




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