ITZY's Ryujin and BLACKPINK's Lisa ITZY's Ryujin and BLACKPINK's Lisa

Quiz: Which female K-Pop main dancer would be your best friend?

All these talented ladies would be the perfect company for a party. Let's find out who would be your best friend among the K-Pop main dancers.

Let's be honest, there are no bad dancers among the K-Pop Idols. These amazing artists spend too many hours of their lives in the price room trying the achieve more complicated and perfect choreographies.

However, there are a few Idols who stand out because of their impressive dancing skills and charisma on stage. All the ladies of this test have also great personalities that we love in a best friend. Answer these questions to know who you are destined to be her BFF

QUIZ: Who is your best friend among the main dancers of girl groups?

► What is your favorite fruit?

► Who is your favorite Korean actor?

► Choose a music genre

► What is your favorite BTS song?

► What animal is the perfect pet?

► The birthday of your BFF is coming. What present do you have for her?

It's time to count your responses and let's find out who is your best friend!

1. Mostly A: Ryujin

You'll never be bored with Ryujin. Both of you have a lot of energy and you'll be having a lot of fun together.

ITZY's Ryujin / Twitter @dailyryujins

2. Mostly B: Moonbyul

Moonbyul is super creative and unique. She'll be sharing a lot of interesting ideas with you.

MAMAMOO's Moonbyul / Twitter @ElRabanoDeMMM

3. Mostly C: Momo

Both of you enjoy delicious food. For sure, Momo and you will be looking for a new place to have dinner.

TWICE's Momo / Twitter @TWICExONCES

4. Mostly D: Lisa

You are a kitty enthusiastic. Lisa and you can spend too many hours talking about cute things. 


5. Mostly E: Seulgi

Seulgi is a super loyal friend. You'll never feel lonely, you always have the support of your BFF.

Red Velvet's Seulgi / Twitter @AnaWson

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