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Quiz: Which character from BT21 is your spirit animal?

The members of BTS themselves worked on the creation of these animated characters. Let's find out which BT21 friend has a similar personality to yours.

A few years ago BTS decided to work in a special collaboration with the Line Friends. This studio was in charge of the creation of the adorable stickers for the popular Korean chat app Line.

The members of the K-Pop sensation designed their own characters. The Idols also provided all the details of the personality of these cute creatures.

BT21 mixes the name of the group and adds 21 as a reference to the current century. Nowadays, the lovely creatures are all over the world in merchandise or conquering social media. Let's check which one is your spirit animal.

BT21 characters / BY @BT21_Japan

Quiz: Wich BT21 character has a similar personality to yours?

►What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

►Where would you travel for your dream vacation?

►What word do your friends use to describe you?

►Choose one of these jobs

►What is your favorite color for outfits?

►What is the best of your best feature?

It's time to find out your spirit animal! Are you ready?

1. Mostly A: Chimmy

You have an adorable personality and the people love to be by your side. Also, you feel the best when you're surrounded by those who you appreciate the most.

Chimmy / By @DulSetEdits

2. Mostly B: Koya

You love to learn new things. At the same, time you know how to chill. Time doesn't disturb you, you always stay calm.

Koya / By @BT21_

3. Mostly C: Tata

Nothing can stop you. You are curious and unique. You love to explore new places and ideas. Your friends are always surprised by your point of view.

Tata / By @BT21_

4. Mostly D: Mang

You are a little bit mysterious. However, when is time to do your thing you will shine. You can conquer every single scenario.

Mang / By @BT21_

5. Mostly E: RJ

You are an animal lover. At the same time, you're food enthusiastic. Most of the time you are gentle and can be shocked easily.

RJ / By @BT21_

6. Mostly F: Shooky

You can be a little bit tough on the outside. However, the people who really know you can see how emotional and sensitive you can be.

Shooky / By @BT21_

7. Mostly G: Cooky

Once you are focused on something no one can stop until you achieve your goals. Also, you love to work out, you put a lot of effort into it.

Cooky / By @BT21_

What was your result? Let us know.

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