Which one of two of TWICE rappers would be your best friend? Which one of two of TWICE rappers would be your best friend?

Quiz: Which TWICE rapper would be your bestie? Dahyun or Chaeyoung?

Wouldn't it be great to have one of the TWICE rappers as best friends? Our quiz would tell you would you have a great friendship with

Surely being friends with TWICE idols must be amazing, find out with this quiz if Dahyun or Chaeyoung would be your besties.

There is a lot to appreciate about TWICE and their members, they all have a lot of talent. Whenever idols take to the studio or stage, they show off their great musical abilities. We can not stop admiring them, they are simply phenomenal.

And it is that TWICE has great singers, dancers and rappers. Two of them are Dahyun and Chaeyoung who have conquered ONCE with their way of rapping, singing and dancing. But the two of them also have a beautiful personality and great charisma that stands out and also makes fans fall in love with them.

Also, we can't forget about the amazing visuals of these two artists, they are both very beautiful and have a complete package. Many fans would love to meet them in person and why not start a beautiful friendship with these two idols that we really love.

So take our fun quiz and find out which TWICE rapper would become your best friend, maybe your bestie is Dahyun or Chaeyoung.

Quiz: Which of the TWICE rappers will be your best friend? Find out if she will be Dahyun or Chaeyoung

What flavors do you like the most?

What colors do you combine most often?

What do you prefer to do in your free time?


Which of these two do you like more?

Which of these sports would you like to practice?

 What attracts you most about the person you like?

Did you write your answers? Let's see the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Dahyun

You have a lot in common with Dahyun, so she will be your best friend. I'm sure that if you meet her, you'll have a deep connection with this rapper and you two will totally love each other.

Dahyun would be your bestie | Twitter: @sanattlgi

2. Mostly B: Chaeyoung

You're compatible with Chaeyoung, so we know that you'd have a great friendship with her, you'll have a lot of fun with this TWICE rapper and we know that you'll trust her quickly.

Chayoung would be your best friend | Twitter: @scyhive

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