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Quiz: Which Song Kang character would fall in love with you?

Song Kang is a super versatile actor. Let's check which of his K-Drama roles woudl fall in love with you

Despite having a short career, Song Kang is already one of the most popular Korean actors of the moment. All the K-Dramas fanatics are thankful for his duet with Netflix. We have been receiving awesome projects from the actor on this platform.

The artist got international popularity with his title, 'Netflix's son'. He has participated in many types of series. From the scary ones such as "Sweet Home" to romantic comedies like "Forecasting Love and Weather".

We are talking about a super skillful artist. He can portray perfectly any kind of role, even those that are pretty opposite to his true personality. Anyways, is impossible not to love all his characters.

Do you have a favorite character played by Song Kang? Let's check if you are compatible with one of his roles. All you need is to answer honestly, five minutes, a piece of paper, and a pen. Here we go!

QUIZ: Which role played by Song Kang would fall in love with you?

► Choose a music genre

► Choose a color

► Choose an animal

► Choose an ice cream flavor

► Choose a K-Drama

► Choose a Korean actor

► Choose a Korean actress

That's it! It's time to check the result. 

1. Mostly A: Chan Hyun Soo (Sweet Home)

He is a lonely but warm-hearted young boy. He will fall for your unique and honest personality.

Song Kanf for 'Sweet Home' / Twitter @sarawat__tine

2. Mostly B: Park Jae Eon (Nevertheless)

The super charismatic Park Jae Eon would fall for you immediately. The chemistry between you and him is wonderful!

Song Kang for 'Nevertheless' / Twitter @_stephanyvzl

3. Mostly C: Hwang Sun Oh (Love Alarm)

He is a cheerful boy and a loyal friend. He would love how interesting you are. The best couple ever!

Song Kang for 'Love Alarm' / Twitter @_stephanyvzl

4. Mostly D: Lee Chaerok (Navillera)

He might seem cool but he actually is a sweet and hard worker person. You would be supporting each other dreams.

Song Kang as Lee Chae Rok / Twitter @vanecassanoo

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