Who from STRAY KIDS will be your true love? Who from STRAY KIDS will be your true love?

Quiz: Which STRAY KIDS member would be your true love?

Perhaps you are destined for one of the members of STRAY KIDS, this quiz will tell you which of them is your true love.

STRAY KIDS members are very talented boys with amazing personalities, this is what STAY has completely fallen in love with and you could be the soul mate of one of these idols. Find it out with our quiz.

STRAY KIDS has gained great popularity and relevance within the K-Pop industry thanks to the talents and skills of its members. Although they had started as 9 amazing artists, one of them left the group. This didn’t discourage the others and they continued as 8 members who have been shining brightly.

This is how SKZ idols have been working together to show the best of themselves in the studio and on stage, STAY has great songs and performances that fans enjoy thanks to the boy band artists who never fail when they have a new comeback or any other project.

But in addition, the members of STRAY KIDS have amazing personalities and great charismas that have also caught the attention of their fans. And we can’t leave out the great visuals that they have, their physical features make them look incredibly attractive.

That's why STAY selected its bias from SKZ, but maybe just one of them is made to be your true love, find it out with this quiz.

Quiz: Who from STRAY KIDS is your true love?

What kind of friend are you?

What do you tend to do on your free time?

Which word defines your personality better?

Who from STRAY KIDS would be your perfect match? | Twitter: @oddinaryfox

What's the most important thing for you?

Which place would you love to visit?

Which is your best feature?

Who from SKZ is your true love? | Twitter: @billboardskz

 Did you write your answers down? Let's take a look at the results!

1. Mostly A: Bang Chan

You and Bang Chan are soulmates since both share the same kind of personality and interests, he'd definitively be your true love.

Bang Chan would be your true love | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

2. Mostly B: Lee Know

Lee Know would be your true love since you're pretty compatible with him, both have the same interests and hobbies.

Lee Know is your perfect match | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

3. Mostly C: Changbin

Changbin has a lot in common with you, that's why he'd be your true love. You'd share a lot of magic moments together.

You have a lot in common with Changbin | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

4. Mostly D: Hyunjin

You'd be the perfect match for Hyunjin, someone with a personality full of creativeness just like you.

Hyunjin is your true love | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

5. Mostly E: Han

Han would be your true love since both are very compatible and have a lot of somilar interests and features.

Han would be your soulmate | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

6. Mostly F: Felix

Felix is your soulmate from STRAY KIDS, both of you have a lot in common and would enjoy life togeteher.

Felix and you are soulmates | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

7. Mostly G: Seungmin

Seungmin has a pure soul which matches perfectly with you and that's why he'd be your true love.

Han is your true love | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

8. Mostly H: Jeongin

STRAY KIDS' maknae, Jeongin would be your true love since you are similar to him in termas of personality and interests.

I.N would be your soulmate | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

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