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Quiz: Which Red Velvet member would be your best friend?

The talented members of Red Velvet have great personalities off stage. Let's find out which Idol would be your BFF.

We all need the support of a best friend. The special person that loves us just in the way we are. No matter your age is important to always have someone to talked about our, fear, problems, and secrets.

Do you imagine what would happen if your favorite K-Pop Idol could be also your best friend? It would be great, right? Well, the Red Velvet members have the best personalities that would be great to see in a BFF.

These beautiful ladies - except Yeri- debuted in 2014 with the hit "Happiness". It seems like this title defined the destiny of Red Velvet's music. As you may know, the group uses two opposite concepts, but there is no doubt that all their songs make the fans happy.

Take this test to know more about you're personality and find out how similar you are to the talented members. Answered honestly, all of them would be the perfect BFF. Look for a piece of paper and pen and let's start.

QUIZ: Which member of Red Velvet would be your BFF?

► What is your favorite Red Velvet song?

► Choos a tropical fruit

► Who is your favorite female solo singer?

► Who is your favorite male singer?

►Choose a place for a trip with your best friend

► Choose a Netflix show

Is time to find out the result. Here we go!

1. Mostly A: Irene

Irene and you have a lot in common! Even if she looks coo, the Idol is a super loyal friend. You'll never feel lonely having such a great BFF.

Red Velvet's Irene / Twitter @annenguyen9999

2. Mostly B: Wendy

You're a super energetic duet. Wendy and you love to have a great time together doing whatever activity you'd like to try. No one can stop you! 

Red Velvet's Wendy / Twitter @wendydaily221

3. Mostly C: Seulgi

Just like Seulgi, you're kind and friendly. Both of you can make friends easily, but there is just one place for your BFF.

Red Velvet's Seulgi / Twitter @seulgisupp

4. Mostly D: Joy

Bot of you can spend hours talking about your favorite romantic K-Dramas. Joy and you are pretty emotional and your friendship is very important.

Red Velvet's Joy / Twitter @Latam_reveluvs

5. Mostly E: Yeri

The greatest pranksters of the town are here! Yeri and you can't do anything but play and joke around. Your positive vibe is the best!

Red Velvet's Yeri / Twitter @yerispic

Let's us know who is your best friend.

Take this test to know which BTS song describes your personality the best. 

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