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Quiz: Which Olivia Rodrigo song should you dedicate to your ex?

With music we can better express our ideas and feelings, do you want to dedicate a song to your ex? Olivia Rodrigo has something for you

It is not good to live in the past, but when an ex-partner hurts us, we would like to give them a message and one of Olivia Rodrigo's songs could help you, find out which one with this quiz.

Olivia Rodrigo is an excellent singer, despite being extremely young, we know that she has exceptional talent and has shown it since her debut. 'Sour' is an incredible album that has left unforgettable tracks for all music fans and also for this artist.

And it is that with her music, Olivia has managed to express herself in a great way, since she is not only dedicated to singing her tracks, since she has had all of the creative process in each song by being a writer as well. It's wonderful to see that this singer put all of herself on her entire album and that the public has received it so well.

And Rodrigo's songs touch on different themes, but we can find some songs that talk about ex-lovers, or a specific ex-love of the singer. With her music, she left many messages for those who leave traces of pain in their partners when they leave.

Do you have an ex and want to send them a message? Here we have some Olivia Rodrigo songs that you could dedicate to her, although our quiz will tell you which one would be the most suitable for you.

Quiz: What message should you give your ex with an Olivia Rodrigo song?

How long has it been since you broke up with your ex?

Is your ex still single?

How do you feel when you remember your ex?


Besides Olivia Rodrigo, what other artist do you like the most?

Has your ex ever tried to get back with you?

Are you over your ex?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: good 4 u

Even if 'good 4 u' would say some truths about that ex, maybe it's a great track for what your relationship represent, energy and happiness that now is on the past. If you're still angry, maybe you can sing this song perfectly.

2. Mostly B: deja vu

It seems like you don't really feel something bad about your ex, but we think that if he was crtel to you, you might like to dedicate 'deja vu', it also says that if he has a new girlfriend and he does the same things he did with you, dude... that's wrong.

3. Mostly C: traitor

'traitor' is perfect for you to let out all those things for your ex, if it hasn't been a lot of time since you broke up,  and he has a new girlfriend, that's the worst! It's sad for you, let's make it sadder for him.

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