Are you compatible with your MONSTA X's bias? Are you compatible with your MONSTA X's bias?

Quiz: Which MONSTA X member are you most compatible with?

Have you chosen your MONSTA X bias? Find out with this fun quiz if you are compatible with him

MONSTA X members are equally talented but have different personalities and interests, who among them will be more compatible with you?

MONSTA X is a K-Pop group currently made up of 6 members, although he debuted with one more, he had to leave the band and become a soloist. MONBEBE still reminds his OT7 that he will always be the original for the fans. But we are not here to talk about sad things.

The members of MONSTA X are extremely talented and have different musical abilities that give each song of the group a special touch. This is how they have completely conquered millions of fans around the world who do not hesitate to show them all their love and support at all times.

MONSTA X idols have different specialties, some are great vocalists, some are amazing rappers. The group also has great dancers. And each of them can surprise you with other hidden talents, so there is much to admire from each of these great artists.

You may have chosen your MONSTA X bias, but will you really be compatible with him? This fun quiz will tell you which member of this idol group you have the most in common with.

Quiz: Which member of MONSTA X is more compatible with you?

What word do you think goes best with your personality?

Which of these talents do you have or would you like to have?

Which of these activities do you usually do in your free time?

Which MONSTA X member is the most compatible with you? | Twitter: @statsmonstax

Which of these animals do you like the most?

Which of these is your favorite color?

Which of these MONSTA X songs do you like the most?

Is your MONSTA X's bias compatible with you? | Twitter: @worldwide_mx

Did you write your answers down? Let's check the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Shownu

You have a lot in common with Shownu, his interests, hobbies and a bit of his personality as well. You and the leader of MONSTA X are very compatible, is this your group bias? He is a lovable person.

You're compatible with Shownu | Twitter: @tomyluvshownu

2. Mostly B: Hyungwon

Hyungwon would be your perfect match, you are very compatible with this MONSTA X idol, they share a lot in common and would create the perfect duo, wouldn't it be great to have a date with him?

You're compatible with Hyungwon | Twitter: @hwonpics

3. Mostly C: Joohoney

Joohoney would be the most compatible member with you as they have a strong resemblance in personality and interests. They can also be just as talented <3.

Joohoney would be your perfect match | Twitter: @Iminlovewith_IM

4. Mostly D: Changkyun

You would be very compatible with Changkyun, this MONSTA X rapper and you have very similar personalities, interests and hobbies. If he is your MX bias then you know why.

Changkyun is pretty compatible with you | Twitter: @bellatrix_ykh

5. Mostly E: Minhyuk

Your soul and Minhyuk's are very similar, you have a lot in common with this MONSTA X idol and this is why you both would be totally compatible.

Minhyuk is your MONSTA X's soulmate | Twitter: @Minhyuk_Brasil

6. Mostly F: Kihyun

You are very compatible with Kihyun from MONSTA X, a very romantic man although he says he is not, they have very similar personalities and interests, which is why they would get along very well.

Kihyun is compatible with you | Twitter: @_justbleu

Did you match your MONSTA X bias? It's great to have a lot in common with your favorite artist.

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