Which Lee Min Ho drama would you star in? Which Lee Min Ho drama would you star in?

Quiz: Which Lee Min Ho drama would you star in with the actor?

If you are a fan of Lee Min Ho then you would love to be his co-star, find out with this quiz which K-Drama would be it

There is no doubt that Lee Min Ho is a very talented actor and who wouldn't love to work with him on set, take this quiz and find out if you would star with him in any of his dramas.

Lee Min Ho is an extremely talented Korean actor who has given his best in every drama and movie he has worked on. It is because of his amazing skills in front of the cameras that he has managed to conquer thousands of fans both in Korea and around the world who show him their love and support.

And it is that the K-Dramas in which we have seen Minho have become classic and super popular, nobody can still beat 'Boys Over Flowers', which is perhaps the drama that launched this actor to fame. It's been a long time since it was released but it's still one of the favorites of the audience.

There are also a lot of movies where we have seen Lee Min Ho, so his career is really wide and he always shines with all his talent in every project he is a part of. Of course, the actresses and other actors he has worked with also have excellent talents and it must be great to share a set with all of them.

Would you like to star in a K-Drama with Lee Min Ho? Here we have this quiz that would tell you which of them it would be, take it and discover which character you would have next to the actor.

Quiz: Which K-Drama would you act in with Lee Min Ho?

What kind of dramas do you like to watch the most?

Which Lee Min Ho K-Drama did you watch first?

Which Lee Min Ho character do you like the most?

Would you star in a K-Drama with Lee Min Ho? | Twitter: @halfmoonnxx

 Choose the Korean actress you like the most

What kind of story would you like to star in?

 How long have you been a fan of Lee Min Ho?

Did you write all your answers? Time to see the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Pachinko

'Pachinko' is the most recent Lee Min Ho drama in which his co-star had some kind of affair with Ko Hansu, Minho's character, but she'll be stronger in the future, right?

Pachinko | Twitter: @Wonderggone

2. Mostly B: The King: Eternal Monarch

If you like historical and fantasy dramas, 'The King: Eternal Monarch' would be perfect for you, in this one, Minho is a king who travels to the future to find a doctor who can help him.

The King: Eternal Monarch | Twitter: @PsychoSeikka

3. Mostly C: The Heirs

Lee Min Ho's romance dramas are great, and 'The Heirs' would be perfect for you, you would star in it with this great actor.

The Heirs | Twitter: @IocaIwitch

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