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Quiz: Which Korean female rapper would record a collaboration with you?

Would you like to record a track in collab with the coolest Korean rappers? This quiz is telling you which female artists would create music with you.

We all love to meet our favorite K-Pop artists. All the fans have a dream in common, have an encounter -even a small one- with our favorite singer. What would you do if that happen? What would you say?

On the other hand, for those who also love to play, produce, or write music, the fantasy is on the next level. This group of fans would be really happy to collaborate on a track with their favorite artists.

Well, today we have a surprise for Korean hip-hop lovers. This quiz will be telling you which K-Pop artists would record a track with you. These ladies are the fiercest rappers in the industry. Their style is not a joke!

Before starting, we need to warn you that these rappers just know how to drop masterpieces. So, you have to be ready to record a quality collaboration. You'll be part of the hottest duet ever! Here we go!

QUIZ: Which Korean female rapper would record a track with you?

► Who is your bias from BLACKPINK?

► Choose a boy group

► Choose a K-Pop rapper

► Who is your favorite BTS vocalist?

► Choose a TWICE track

► Choose a concept

► Choose a Korean soloist

That's it! Is time to meet the rapper who would collaborate with you.

1. Mostly A: Soyeon

Soyeon would produces the coolest beats for your collaboration. Also, the chemistry between you two will be insane.

2. Mosly B: Jessi

Here comes the most honest duet in the town. Jessi and you would shake the industry with a fierce but fun track.

3. Mostly C: CL

You and CL would drop the most creative lyrics ever. You will conquer the public tanks with your wonderful stage presence.

4. Mostly D: Moonbyul

You and Moonbyul love to explore new sounds. Your collab would be pretty unique. Such a masterpiece!

Is there a K-Pop Idol that you want to see working on K-Dramas? These singers were born to rule the small screen.

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