Quiz: Which K-Pop girl group would you be a member of?

Would you like to try being a K-Pop Idol? Let's see what girl group would welcome you.

Being a K-Pop Idol, for sure, is something difficult. The public can be very rude to the artists. Despite the hardships of being in the public light, our favorites singer are always giving the best of themselves on stage.

The effort that these talented artists put into their work is admirable. Watching them work hard could be a big inspiration for tons all over the world. Would you like to perform with your favorite Korean artists?

Since the Idols show the best energy on stage, their passion is contagious and can make us dance with them. Today we are checking your personality in order to find out what girl groups would fit you perfectly.

Here are the most popular groups of the moment. You'd need a lot of practice as much as the rest of the members. Are you ready for the challenge? You'd be the new member of a famous K-Pop group, let's see which one is.

QUIZ: Which K-Pop girl group would welcome you as a new member?

►Who is your favorite boy group?

► Who is your Red Velvet bias?

► What is your favorite movie genre?

►What would be your role in the group?

► What color is your favorite heart emoji?

► Who is your BTS bias?

Okay, is time to see in which group your talent would be shining. 

1. Mostly A: ITZY

You have a strong personality that would fit perfectly with ITZY's music. You need to be ready for the long practices, the choreographies are insane!

ITZY members / Twitter @lD0LHUGS

2. Mostly B: TWICE

Positive energy is your second name. Your awesome mindset would inspire the rest of TWICE members. You'd be the perfect team!

TWICE members / Twitter @taoziqishuiwei2

3. Mostly C: MAMAMOO

Being part of MAMAMOO requires a lot of energy. That is what makes you the ideal 5th member. Are you ready for the beautiful harmonies?

MAMAMOO for 'HIP' / Twitter @lesbicbyul

4. Mostly D: Aespa

Your unique personality is really interesting as much as Aespa's concept is. You would be rocking the stage with your savage attitude.

Aespa's members / Twitter @aespagirlsbr

5. Mostly D: BLACKPINK

You were born to be a superstar. BLACKPINK would be asking you for fashion advice since you have the best taste.

BLACKPINK performing / Twitter @fr33ani

Let us know, Would you be a member of your favorite girl group?

Another great group to be part of is Red Velvet. Take this test to find out which member could be your best friend.

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