CL for 'Alpha' and (G)I-DLE's Soyeon CL for 'Alpha' and (G)I-DLE's Soyeon

Quiz: Which K-Pop female rapper would encourage you with her fierce songs?

Are you looking for a loyal friend? These K-Pop rappers have the best tracks to make feel confident. Let's find out who would be your supporting friend.

We all have bad days. During the hard moments is great to receive the support of a beloved person. Also, to get back on our feet and keep on the journey, a good speech could be very helpful.

Sometimes is not easy to be confident, but when you're feeling down the love of your best friend is what you need. At the same time, we can get inspiration from our favorite artists. Yes, K-Pop female rappers have the best music for this type of situation.

These fierce ladies drop songs about being proud of yourself. Since they are experts in this style, it would be great to be encouraged by one of them. Today we'll are checking which rapper would be by your side to support you.

These tracks will be pretty useful to make you feel confident. Listen to the words of your new BFF, her lyrics are nothing but wisdom with an insane beat. Are you ready to know who will encourage you?

QUIZ: Which K-Pop rapper would be supporting you with her music?

► What is your favorite color?

► Choose a TWICE song

► Choose a SEVENTEEN song

► Who is your favorite BLACKPINK member?

► Choose a fruit

► Choose a Doja Cat song

► Choose a K-Drama

Is time to find out who would be supporting you!

1. Mostly A: Soyeon

(G)I-DLE's rapper is a genius. BEAM BEAM is a track that accepts hardships are part of life. Soyeon is cheering you to walk forward. Fighting!

2. Mostly B: CL

Here comes the Baddest Female! CL is a symbol of confidence. Pretending is very tired, the best option is to show who you really are. The most powerful BFF ever!

3. Mostly C: Jessi

It's good to be different. Don't let anyone hurt you because of that. Jessi is by your side to stop the haters.

4. Mostly D: Moonbyul

Is impossible to make everyone happy. All you can do is love yourself, this is what Moonbyul is telling us.

Are you feeling better now?

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