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Quiz: Which K-Pop female artist would be your best friend?

These talented ladies would be amazing friends. Let's find out which K-Pop female soloist would be your soul sister.

K-Pop is not part of the counter-culture anymore. This industry is already dominating the global game. Of course, the ones leading the Hallyu wave are the boy and girl groups. However, too many artists have quality music as well, which is becoming very popular.

Today let's talk about the female soloist. These beautiful ladies are giving us some of the most iconic hits of the moment. Their hard work is inspiring too many young girls all over the world. They are awesome!

Since they also have great personalities, we all would love to be their close friends. Let's check some of your preferences to find out who could be your best friend forever. These superstars have the best fashion taste, are very skillful, and are loyal friends at the same time.

By the way, we are not including Idols that are part of a group. Are you ready who would be your soul sister? All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, five minutes, and your honest responses. These K-Pop starts would be by your side forever.

QUIZ: Which K-Pop female soloist would be your BFF?

► Choose an ice cream flavor

► Choose a BLACKPINK song

► Choose a spirit animal

► What would be the perfect present for your best friend?

► Choose a girl group

► Who is your favorite Red Velvet member?

That is all! Now is time to find out the name of your best friend.

1. Mostly A: Jessi

Jessi is not rude with her close friends, just with those who try to hurt the people she loves the most. You would never be alone.

Jessi for 'Zoom' / Twitter @suwnnv

2. Mostly B: Somi

Your playful energy fits perfectly with Somi's personality. You would be an unstoppable duet!

Singer Somi / Twitter @filmsnini

3. Mostly C: Hyuna

You have a lot in common with Hyuna. You love to be yourself. You are a creative person. The best friends ever!

Hyuna is an adorable friend / Twitter @_v4nnylv

4. Mostly D: IU

You are a soft person. IU and you would have a strong friendship. She will be the first one to support every challenge by your side.

IU, singer and actress / Twitter @wingsfirts

5. Mostly E: Sunmi

You would be a unique duet. Sunmi is a glamorous but fun lady. You will never be bored by her side.

Soloist Sunmi / Twitter @AnaWson

If you were a K-Pop Idol, what would be your concept? Take this quiz to find it out. 

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