Take this quiz with Hwang In Yeop on it Take this quiz with Hwang In Yeop on it

Quiz: Which K-Drama would you star with Hwang In Yeop?

Hwang In Yeop has worked in various dramas, can you imagine starring in one with this actor? Our quiz will tell you what it would be

Do you have a favorite Hwang In Yeop drama? We have been able to see this actor in various series and you could star in one of them by taking this quick and fun quiz.

Hwang In Yeop is a young drama actor that we have been able to see in different productions. At first maybe his roles were supporting or secondary roles. But now this actor has starred in great dramas that have completely captivated the public.

In Yeop has been a part of some audience favorite K-Dramas, but the first one he debuted with was 'Why?' later we saw him in other productions like '18 Again' and 'Tale Of Nokdu'. This is how her career in acting has been growing with new dramas and challenges to overcome in front of the cameras.

Hwang In Yeop's great professionalism and skills have made the Korean public totally charmed. But also internationally, this actor has a lot of fans who do not hesitate to support and love any project he is working on. So be it as a model, because he has also dedicated himself to this.

Wouldn't you like to star in a drama with Hwang In Yeop? It would be great, we're sure, so we created this quick and fun quiz to find out which would be the one where you would work with this amazing K-Drama actor.

Quiz: Which Hwang In Yeop drama would you star in with the actor?

What kind of dramas do you like the most?

What do you like the most about Hwang In Yeop?

Which of these dramas do you like the most?

Which drama would you star in with Hwang In Yeop? | Twitter: @theseoulstory

 What kind of drama would you like to act in?

Besides Hwang In Yeop, which of these other actors is your favorite?

Which of these actresses do you think is the prettiest?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's give the quiz results a review! 

1. Mostly A: True Beauty

You'll be in a love triangle with Hwang In Yeop and Cha Eun Woo in 'True Beauty', you'd star this story and you'll be Im Joo Kyung.

True Beauty | Twitter: @kdramafairy

2. Mostly B: The Sound Of Magic

You'd take the role of Yoon Ah Yi in 'The Sound Of Magic' and you'll have this great and fantastic story with Hwang In Yeop as Na Il Deung, your classmate.

The Sound Of Magic | Twitter: @theseoulstory

3. Mostly C: Why Her?

You'd be Oh Soo Jae in 'Why Her?' a great drama in which you'll get to have a love story with Hwang In Yeop as  Gong Chan, but this romance might change your life.

Why Her? | Twitter: @theseoulstory

We have more quizzes for you, this one will test your memory, can you recognize these Korean actors with their eyes? 

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