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Quiz: Which K-Drama actor would date you?

Maybe your favorite Korean actor would ask you out, find out who he would be with this quiz

Wouldn't it be great to go on a date with your favorite drama actor? This quiz will tell you who would choose you to date.

There are a lot of things we can admire about our favorite Korean actors. First of all, there are their amazing talents, they really know how to embody each character and thus make the plot of each Korean drama even more fascinating, they are really professionals.

We also have their beautiful personalities, many of the actors in dramas tend to be super nice and cute, especially the fans who show them all their love and support in every project they participate in. They are charismatic, funny and often also show different facets for their fandoms.

And we can not forget how handsome they are, they really have physical characteristics that are extremely attractive to many more, so it is normal to fall completely in love with a K-Actor when we see him in dramas, red carpets and others.

If you want to know which Korean actor would ask you out, here's a quick and fun quiz for you to find out, what kind of date would you have with them?

Quiz: Which of these Korean actors would you date?

What kind of K-Dramas do you usually watch the most?

How do you consider your personality to be?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which Korean actor would date you? | Twitter: @philconcerts

 What do you find most attractive about the person you like?

Where would you like to go on a date with a K-Drama actor?

Which of these K-Dramas do you like the most?

Did you write all your answers? Let's see what results the quiz has! 

1. Mostly A: Lee Min Ho

Your personality matches Lee Min Ho well, so he'd ask you out and it'd be amazing. He'll take you to some place you've nenever been before and his too romantic, you'lll be so in love with him from now on.

You'd have a date with Lee Min Ho | Twitter: @battinsonzkdlin

2. Mostly B: Lee Jong Suk

You're compatible with Lee Jong Suk and that's why he'd take you on a date, it'd be great, maybe both would be shy at the very beginning but you two will gain confidence little by little.

You'd date Lee Jong Suk | Twitter: @LJS_society

3. Mostly C: Lee Dong Wook

You'll love a date with Lee Dong Wook, right? He's the perfect match for you, you'd have a great date and maybe you can get to know him better while dining at a luxury restaurant.

You'd have a date with Lee Dong Wook | Twitter: @LDW_YTY

We have more quizzes for you, this one will tell you in which kind of K-Drama would you act, take it now! 

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