Take this Rowoon's quiz! Take this Rowoon's quiz!

Quiz: Which K-Drama Would You Star With Rowoon?

Rowoon is an excellent actor that we have seen in good dramas, which one would you star with him? Our quiz will tell you

We love Rowoon's talents as an actor, he is not only an SF9 idol, he has also played amazing characters in K-Dramas, will you be able to star in one with him? Find out with this quiz.

Kim Seok Woo is an amazing artist who has delighted thousands of fans as part of the idol group SF9, he is better known as Rowoon. But he doesn't just have amazing musical abilities. This idol has also performed as an actor and has appeared in a lot of our favorite series.

Rowoon made his acting debut in 2016 for the webdrama 'Click Your Heart', since then his acting career has been growing exponentially. Little by little we have seen him demonstrate his different facets and talents in front of the cameras in each new series. And of course we love to see love stories starring this Korean actor.

And it is that Rowoon is not only great and professional in his work in acting. He is also extremely handsome and we can't help but admire his beauty in every K-Drama. It is common to find fans of this Korean celebrity totally in love with him.

And if your bias is Rowoon, wouldn't you want to star in a K-Drama with him? It would definitely be something great, and our quiz will tell you what would be the perfect series to share a set with this amazing actor.

Quiz: Which of these K-Dramas would you star alongside Rowoon?

What kind of K-Dramas do you usually watch the most?

What type of role do you think suits you best?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which K-Drama would you star in with Rowoon? | Twitter: @seokwoo_destiny

Which of these actresses do you like the most?

Which of these roles do you think Rowoon suits best?

What do you like most about Rowoon's K-Dramas?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Tomorrow

This is the perfect drama for you, it has fantasy and a lot of adventures too in which you'd co-star with Rowoon, that'd be just amazing! Did you like the story of 'Tomorrow'?

Tomorrow | Twitter: @iconickdramas

2. Mostly B: The King's Affection

We loved 'The King's Affection', it had a great plot and we're sure you'd be good to this story, test your acting skills and co-star this series with Rowoon.

The King's Affection | Twitter: @k4ty__y

3. Mostly C: Extraordinary You

Aww! 'Extraordinary You' is such a classic right now, we all love it and we're sure that it'd be cool for you to star this drama with Rowoon.

Extraordinary You | Twitter: @ChoiKoHee

We have more quizzes for you, this one will tell you which idol and actor would you star a drama with.

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