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Quiz: Which ITZY music video would inspire your night party outfit?

ITZY members have the best outfits in their music videos. One of their songs was made to inspire your own style.

ITZY debuted in 2019 to rock the whole K-Pop industry. These talented ladies trained really hard to achieve just flawless performances. Yeji, Yuna, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Lia moved on the stage like having just one soul.

Their charisma can conquer the biggest crowds. Despite being pretty young and having a short career these beautiful Idols have wonderful control on stage. Their steps and facial expressions are always on point.

the most common concept in ITZY's music is confidence, just like the attitude of the members. Being confident is not easy, however, a great outfit could be very helpful. The group will give you various ideas to create your own style.

Among its music videos, we can find one to inspire your night outfit. ITZY has the best fashion taste. Let's find out which one track suits your personality the best. Are you ready for the fashion tips of ITZY?

QUIZ: Which ITZY track would inspire your night outfit?

► Choose an animal

► Choose a BTS song

► Choose a girl group

► What color are you wearing right now?

► Choose a Korean actor

► Choose a superheroine

Are you ready to look like a K-Pop Idol? Let's find out the result

1. Mostly A: ICY

You have a unique personality. Creativity is the most important thing for you. Your outfits are colorful and eccentric. ITZY is cheering you to be yourself.

2. Mostly B: WANNABE

Edgy is your thing. You love to mix classic clothes with some details quite uncommon for your outfits. You'll shine at the party with this style.

3. Mostly C: In the morning

You're gonna looked amazing wearing leather at the party. Black is your color. A true rockstar is coming!

4. Mostlly D: Not Shy

The cowboy style is not for everyone.  However, you love the challenges. You're gonna surprise your friends with a wonderful and unique outfit.

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