Who form ITZY would be your best friend? Who form ITZY would be your best friend?

Quiz: Which ITZY member would be your best friend?

It would be amazing to have one of the ITZY members as a best friend. This quiz will tell you who would be perfect for you?

Can you imagine having the best friendship with any of the members of ITZY? Our quiz will tell you which of them would be your bestie.

The members of ITZY have taken the world by storm with all their talents and abilities, there is no doubt that this K-Pop group has some extremely bright girls in their lineup. And it is that the songs and performances of the idol group have impacted millions of fans around the entire planet.

MIDZY is the faithful fandom that is dedicated to showing all its love and support for the members of ITZY. This fan base is getting bigger and bigger and extends to many countries around the world. The followers of this girl group not only admire and appreciate the music and shows of these idols.

Each of them has also shown to have a unique personality, something that has attracted many fans who see them as a great example. As sweet girls, pretty, but also very fierce and passionate about their work. MIDZY's love for ITZY is simply immense and goes to all idols and their characteristics.

Have you imagined being best friends with one of the ITZY members? We did this fun quiz for you to find out which of the idols in this group would be your bestie, maybe you have great compatibility with one of them.

Quiz: Who from ITZY would be your bestie?

Which part of your body do you think is your charming point?

What do you usually do in your free time?

If you could share any of these foods with ITZY, what would it be?

Who from ITZY would be your best friend? | Twitter: @kpopggsuperior

Which of the following colors do you like the most?

What role would you like to have in a K-Pop group?

What gift would you give your favorite ITZY member?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of this quiz!

1. Mostly A: Yeji

You are more than compatible with ITZY's Yeji, the leader of the group, and you would definitely make an amazing friendship with many moments and experiences to share.

Yeji would be your best friend | Twitter: @yejiselca

2. Mostly B: Lia

ITZY's Lia would be your bestie, they have a lot in common, interests and personality as well as maybe they shine with the same intensity and talents. This girl and you would have a friendship that everyone wishes they had.

Lia would be your best friend | Twitter: @twizythinker

3. Mostly C: Ryujin

You have a lot of things in common with Ryujin and this would definitely forge a beautiful friendship in which you would share your similar tastes and good times.

Ryujin and you'd have the best friendship | Twitter: @bangtanitzy

4. Mostly D: Chaeryeong

You'd be Chaeryeong best friend, a girl just as cool as you, so you'd definitely have a lot in common and go on great adventures.

Chaeryeong would be your bestie | Twitter: @chaerjpg

5. Mostly E: Yuna

Yuna and you have many similar interests, also their personality is, so they would form a great friendship, can you imagine being the confidante of this idol?

Yuna will be your best friend | Twitter: @ggtxteez

Surely it would be great to have a great friendship with any member of ITZY, who is your favorite?

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