Dua Lipa and 'Future Nostalgia' cover Dua Lipa and 'Future Nostalgia' cover

Quiz: Which 'Future Nostalgia' track would you record with Dua Lipa?

Would you like to collaborate with Dua Lipa? Let's check which song from "Future Nostalgia" would you collaborate on.

Dua Lipa is rocking the biggest scenarios in the world! This talented lady just knows how to drop addictive hits. We all have been singing her songs over the last few years. She came to the scene to conquer the global public.

The Brit singer gave us one of the best albums of the pandemic. Everything was a little bit better while dancing to her retro songs from "Future Nostalgia". It is the best of her career!

This powerful album won the GRAMMY trophies for Best Pop Vocal Album and was nominated for Album of the Year. Also, here we'll find some of the most popular singles of 2021, such as "Levitating".

Can you imagine what would be like to work with Dua Lipa? Well, this quiz is telling you which track from this beloved album would be perfect for you. You and Dua Lipa would be the best duet of the moment.

QUIZ: Which 'Future Nostalgia' track would you record with Dua Lipa?

► Choose a female rapper

► Choose a Dua Lipa collab

► Choose a neon color

► Choose a pop singer

► Choose a music genre

► Choose an animal

► Choose a girl group

It's time to check the result. Are you ready for the show?

1. Mostly A: Physical

Your voice and Dua Lipa's ones would sound awesome in this song. You would add a special color to this hit.

2. Mostly B: Love Again

Is hard to believe that the 80s retro and cowboy concepts work pretty well. You would be perfect for this love song.

3. Mostly C: Hallucinate

Hallucinate is very energetic. Your cheerful style would make it sound even better. Such an unstoppable duet!

4. Mostly D: Levitating

We all love the version with DaBaby. However, your collaboration would be different but as successful as this one.

Dua Lipa is a fashion icon. Check here her best outfits from the 'Future Nostaligia' world tour 

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