Take this Doja Cat's quiz! Take this Doja Cat's quiz!

Quiz: Which Doja Cat outfit should you wear according to your personality?

Doja Cat has iconic outfits, which one will go best with you? Our quiz will tell you

We love Doja Cat's style and she has worn amazing outfits, maybe one of these fits your personality better, find out with this quiz.

Doja Cat is a cool and iconic woman in many ways. First of all, she is someone extremely talented with her music, she is not only in charge of rapping and singing her songs, she also has participation in the creation of her tracks as a writer, composer and sometimes even as a producer.

Besides being someone so talented, Doja is also a very charismatic and funny girl, we love her personality. She always expresses what she thinks without caring about other people's opinion, she is strong and intelligent, she is also very funny, her sense of humor is great.

There is much we can admire about Doja Cat, also her style and great demeanor, she has a sensational sense of fashion, her outfits always manage to win us over and she wears them in the best way. Many fans would like to have her clothes in our closet and look as good as her.

Which Doja Cat outfit should you wear? Here we have a quiz that will assign you one according to your personality, take it and discover how you would look with this singer's clothes.

Quiz: Which Doja Cat outfit is perfect for you to wear?

What kind of music do you listen to the most?

What colors do you usually wear more?

Apart from clothes, what else do you focus on for your outfits?

Which Doja Cat outfit is perfect for you? | Twitter: @DojasArchive

 How would you define your style?

Choose your favorite Doja Cat video

How is your personality?

Did you write down all your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A

This casual style by Doja Cat goes perfect with your personality type and it's also easy to recreate, we loved this oufit.

This is your Doja Cat outfit | Twitter: @TheKittensRoom

2. Mostly B

Here we have the cool and amazing outfit from 'Boss B*tch', it's amazing and it goes really well with your personality and style, we'd say this one is iconic.

Doja Cat in Boss B*tch | Twitter: @TheKittensRoom

3. Mostly C

This outfit is pretty cute and we love it when Doja wears dresses, maybe if you don't like this kind of make up you can re-style it, but the outfit is what matters here.

This one is perfect for you | Twitter: @aristalli0n

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