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Quiz: Which Billie Eilish track describes your personality the best?

Do you want to know more about yourself? Billie Eilish would help you to describe your personality with one of her melodies.

Without any doubt, the leader of Gen Z is named Billi Eilish. This talented lady is conquering the world thanks to the hits produced by her brother Finneas. Her music is addictive, perfect to climb all the charts.

At the same time, she got massive popularity because od almost anyone can relate to her honest lyrics. She explores some of the most relevant topics for the youngest public. Mental issues, self-love, and relationships in the digital era.

Eilish is a super skillful songwriter and Finneas is a music genius. So, we are in front of one f the most powerful duets in the industry. Since her songs are very realistic, we all can find a track that suits our personality.

Today you'll be answering to find out the perfect melody to describe your personality. We are sure that Billie Eilish has already released the song for the assignment. Are you ready? Here we go!

QUIZ: Which song by Billie Eilish suits your personality the best?

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Now, let's check your song. Turn up the volume!

1. Mostly A: Therefore I Am

Your friends love how honest you are. You speak nothing but the truth. That's your big charisma.

2. Mostly B: Bad Guy

You hate people telling you what to do. You're super energetic and do everything in your own way.

3. Mostly C: everything i wanted

The company of the people you love the most is all that you need. You are a warm and sweet person.

4. Moslty D: my future

You are a thoughtful person. You have a lot of great ideas. You will shine thanks to your awesome mind.

Check here the best vocal performances of Billie Eilish. You'll fall in love with her voice again.

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