Which BTS' English song is better for you? Which BTS' English song is better for you?

Quiz: Which BTS song in English is perfect for you?

BTS has some songs in English, which one will go better with your personality? Find it out with this fun quiz

ARMY has plenty of BTS songs to listen to and the idol group has some of their English hits for you, but which one suits your personality best?

BTS has spoiled ARMY with many songs, tracks with which their fandom not only brightens their days, but also finds feelings, emotions and experiences with which fans can identify and give them a better meaning through the music of this K-Pop group.

For every mood and occasion there will be a perfect song performed by Bangtan Sonyeondan and it is because in his discography we will find amazing tracks that will give us an endless playlist with the best talents of this idol group. BTS stands out for many songs, even those not so well known.

Most of the Bangtan Boys' songs are in Korean and combine some English phrases, but we can also find some tracks in Japanese since Bangtan has extended its market to that other country. And last but not least we have the fully English songs that the idol group has released for their fans.

So let's focus on the English songs of BTS and we will give you one specially made for you, with this quiz you will know which is the English song of the group that will match your personality.

Quiz: Which BTS English song best matches your personality?

Which one of these colors do you like the most?

What do you do when you feel happy?

What do you like the most about BTS?

Which BTS' English song is perfect for your personality? | Twitter: @GirlWithLuv_24

 If you could live in a past era, what would it be?

How do you consider your personality to be?

Which artist who has collaborated with BTS do you like the most?

Did you write your answers? Let's chek this quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Butter

'Butter' is the perfect song for you, your personality matches well with this song which might have been your soundtrack for a while.

2. Mostly B: Dynamite

Your personlaity will go well with 'Dynamite', BTS' first English song which the world loved so much.

3. Mostly C: Permission To Dance

A song full of hope is perfect for you, that's why 'Permission To Dance' matches well with you, let's dance to its rythm.

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