BTS' Jin, V, Jungkook and Jimin BTS' Jin, V, Jungkook and Jimin

Quiz: Which BTS member of the vocal line would surprise you with a serenade?

BTS has vocalists with very sweet voices. Among Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, who would surprise you with a serenade?

We all know that everyone is already in love with BTS.  No matter what is your native language, these talented Idols will conquer your heart with their adorable personalities. They're the most lovely celebrities ever. 

Of curse, they got to the top of the global industry thanks to their talents and hard work. However, ARMY was the master key to their success. Also, Bangtan is the reason why tons of fans all over the world support them.

The relationship between the fandom and BTS is super strong. ARMY knows pretty well every member and they love them just in the way they are. Can you imagine what would happen if the situation would be the opposite?

If one of the BTS members would know all the things you like and dislike, who would be this gentleman? Well, today we are telling you which Idol of the Vocal Line would be happy to sing for you. Are you ready for the quiz?

QUIZ: Which Vocal Line member would sing for you?

►Choose a fruit to eat right now

► Choose an animal

► Choose a Rap Line member

► Choose one BTS song

►Choose a girl group

► Choose a rookie song

► Choose your favorite 'Proof' song

That is all! Now let's find out which Idol would sing for you!

1. Mostly A: Jimin

Jimin has a beautiful light voice. He would melt down your heart with a sweet melody. You're so lucky!

Jimin for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

2. Mostly B: Jin

You are creative so you would the self-written song that Jin has prepared just for you. His lyrics are really emotive.

Jin of BTS / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

3. Mostly C: V

V's deep voice will conquer you immediately. We are wondering, would he sing a ballad or a jazzy song?

V's concept photo for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

4. Mostly D: Jungkook

One of the greatest voices in K-Pop would be singing for you. Are you ready to listen to a song produced by Jungkook? You're the perfect muse.

BTS' Jungkook / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Now is time to know more about your personality. This quiz will tell you which BTS songs fit your personality the best.

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