Quiz: Which BTS' RM song would be the best to start your day with positive energy?

BTS' RM has great songs that will comfort you. Let's find out which tack is the best one for your personality.

BTS career is huge. The K-Pop phenomenon had dropped too many types of songs. These superstars have a song for almost all occasions. Beautiful ballads, powerful hip-hop tracks, and songs to make you dance.

However, every member has a unique style that we can notice after listening to a little bit of their solo music. As you may know, the leader RM is a thoughtful man that uses his intelligence at the moment of creating songs.

Since he loves to do relaxing things and be in touch with his feeling, his music represents those characteristics pretty well. He has written too many songs that can be a perfect place of comfort

Let's find out what Namjoon's song is the best one for you to start the day with the greatest mindset. As soon as you wake up, you should play this track to begin your schedule with nothing but positive vibes.

QUIZ: Which BTS' RM song should you play to start your day with the best energy?

► Choose a member of the BTS rap line

► Choose a BTS song

► Choose a BTS member of the vocal line

► Choose a girl group

► Choose a BT21 character

► Choose a song from 'Proof'

► Choose one pet of the BTS members

It's time to add this awesome track to your playlist!

1. Mostly A: Bycycle

What you need is a soft track that can make you think about the beauty of the world.  Every single step would be better after listening to Bicycle.

2. Mostly D: everythingoes

It's okay to be tired sometimes. RM wrote this song to express that at the end of the day, the hardships will go away just like everything else.

3. Mostly C: Persona

This track is perfect to make you feel confident. Is important to be happy with ourselves. Just be yourself!

Would you like to be a K-Pop Idol? Let's find out which concept would your girl group use?

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