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Quiz: Which BTS' Jimin tattoo should you recreate on your body?

Get inspired by this quiz and Jimin's tattoos to have your own on you, which design would suit you best?

Jimin has beautiful tattoos and surely many fans would like to recreate them or be inspired by them to also have a tattoo, discover which of them would be better for you with this quiz.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about the members of BTS, first of all there is their incredible talents and musical abilities. There is no doubt that Park Jimin is a highly dedicated music and dance artist, he really impresses us with everything he puts into every comeback and performance of his group.

But Jimin also has an incredible style, his presence is phenomenal and we are sure that nobody misses it, not even seeing him in videos and much less in person. We always see him dress well, have an amazing bearing, any type of clothing suits him. And something that is also part of his style are the accessories that he loves so much.

And if that wasn't enough, Mochi adds more of his personal stamp to his image with his tattoos. This Bangtan idol Sonyeondan has several designs on his skin that will be there forever and ARMY definitely loves it when he shows them off. They are beautiful and meaningful to this idol.

So as a fan of BTS and maybe even biased Jimin, maybe you could take inspiration from one of his tattoos to get your own, since we know that his have personal meaning. But you could pay a tribute, right? Take our quiz and he will give you the tattoo that should inspire you.

Quiz: Which Jimin's tattoo would inspire you to get your own?

What type of person do you consider yourself?

Where on the body would you like to have your tattoo?

What kind of tattoo would you like to have?

Which Jimin tattoo could inspire you? | Twitter: @kkyumimie

 What inspires you the most about Jimin?

Do you already have a tattoo?

Choose the Jimin song that you like the most

Did you write down all your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: The Moons

Jimin has some phases of the moon on his back, that tattoo could inspire you to make your own version and get it on your body,  you could add some color or maybe something else about Jimin.

This Juimin tattoo could inspire you | Twitter: @rahmdess27

2. Mostly B: Young Forever

Jimin has the phrase 'Young Forever', each word on one of his arms, right in the back, you could get this one but in your own representation, in another place, with different fonts and colors.

Jimin arms' tattoo is good for you | Twitter: @jiminerry

3. Mostly C: 13

Jimin has a '13' on his body since he was born on October 13 and it's also the year in which BTS debuted, 2013. So maybe you can get a similar one but with your own birth date or with a number you really like.

Jimin's 13 tattoo | Twitter: @barbiefobia

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