BLACKPINK's Lisa for Marie Claire BLACKPINK's Lisa for Marie Claire

Quiz: Which BLACKPINK's Lisa outfit by Celine should you try?

Lisa, the K-Pop fashionista, will give you some outfit ideas. Take this quiz to find out a great outfit to look like the member of BLACKPINK.

Lisa's fashion sense is out of this world! All the members of BLACKPINK are fashion icons, however, she is one of the most powerful influencers of the moment. The gorgeous rapper looks always perfect.

Honestly, she is a beautiful woman that can look stunning in any kind of clothes. Since she is pretty elegant and has the best style, many fashion brands want to work with the singer of "LALISA".

She is a global ambassador of the design house, Celine. This duet is insane, Lisa wearing this brand drive crazy the fashion world. The main dancer of BLACKPINK has helped to increase the selling of this luxury brand.

Among all her wonderful outfits, there are a few that can be perfect for all body types. Even if you don't get the Celine pieces, these Lisa's looks will inspire your new outfit. Let's check which is the best one for you.

QUIZ: Which Celine outfit dressed by Lisa would be perfect for you?

► Choose a color

► Choose an accessory

► Choose a girl group

► Choose a boy group

► Choose a BLACKPINK song

► Choose a solo track by the members

That's it! Let's check your outfit...

1. Mostly A: Long skirt

A high-rise skirt never fails. You should try it with a neutral color top. You would look beautiful!

Lisa at the Paris Fashion Week 2019 / Twitter @BLACKPINKGLOBAL

2. Mosly B: Black short and top

Head to toe this outfit is from Celine's Women's Winter 2022 Collection. You would look awesome with a monotone style.

Lisa wearing Celine / Twitter @lalalalisaa__m_

3. Mostly C: Blazer and Jeans

This outfit has the perfect balance between sophistication and youthfulness. Jeans, boots, an elegant blazer, and a great bag would be perfect for you.

BLACKPINK's Lisa / Twitter @korean_fever

4. Mostly D: Silver Mini Dress

You would look amazing with this silver mini dress. The boot is an edgy touch that works perfectly with this style.

Lisa for Celine / Twitter @pannchoa

Would you be Lisa's best friend? Take this quiz to find it out.

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