BLACKPINK for 'Ice Cream' BLACKPINK for 'Ice Cream'

Quiz: Which BLACKPINK song describes your personality the best?

BLACKPINK has tons of hits with different styles. Let's find out which song suits your personality the best.

Even when they were rookies, the members of BLACKPINK rocked the industry with their music. No one can forget the powerful "BOOMBAYAH" and the unique "WHISTLE". Some of the best debut songs ever!

The group is well known for its girl group concept. The music of these beautiful ladies is mostly showing the most confident side of the members. Also, their awesome fashion taste gives them a royal aura that we all love.

However, these talented Idols have tried different genres and styles. Among this wide catalog, we are sure that we can find a song that suits your personality almost perfectly. BLACKPINK has a song that was made for you.

In order to describe your persona with music, you need to be honest about your preferences. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and five minutes. Are you ready to know how does your personality sound like?

QUIZ: Which BLACKPINK song suits your personality the best?

► What is your favorite boy group?

►  Choose a BTS member

► Choose a BLACKPINK member

► What is your favorite color?

► Choose an animal to describe you

► Choose a K-Drama

Time to count your answers. Let's find your BLACKPINK song out!

1. Mostly A = AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST

Your positive mindset is always inspiring your friends. You have a motto that makes you enjoy every single moment: You only live once!

2. Mostly B = Pretty Savage

Who dares to tell how to act? You love to be yourself. Pretending to make others like you is not your thing. No matter what the world says you're perfect in your own way.

3. Mostly C = Ice Cream

The sweetest person in the town is here! You have nothing to share with the world but love. Your friends love how adorable you are. Your natural charisma is the best!

4. Mostly D = STAY

You care a lot about the relationship among family, friends and with the special person. Nothing makes you happier than having a good time with the people you love the most. 

Did you enjoy your song?

All the BLACKPINK members would be perfect friends. Let's find out who would sing a duet with you at the Kareoke

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