Quiz: Which BLACKPINK member would sing a duet with you at the karaoke?

BLACKPINK and you are going to a party. Let's find out who would be your karaoke partner among the members.

No matter if BLACKPINK is on hiatus, the world is always looking at the group. The group has tons of songs that are perfect for a party that can be played for every occasion. "As If It's Your Last" or "How You Like That" are great for the have a fun night.

Just like their music, the members have been seen at the most exclusive parties. The talented Idols are constantly having fun with some of the most famous celebrities of the moment. Their lifestyle seems pretty glamorous.

However, BLINK already knows that these singers have the best moments when they are together. Also, they don't need luxury parties, just their company, a good sense of humor, and a great attitude.

Even if these beautiful ladies are global superstars, they have an adorable and funny side the fanatics love to see. That's why we all would love to be close friends of the members. The idea of hanging out with them is great, right?

Take this test to know who is singing with you at the karaoke.

QUIZ: Which BLACKPINK member would be your karaoke partner?

► What is your favorite Marvel superhero?

► Choose a girl group

► Choose a boy group

► Who is your favorite Korean actor?

► Choose the food you'd like to eat right now

► What is your favorite party outfit?

Now you are ready to sing with BLACKPINK. Are you ready for the result?

1. Mostly A: Jisoo

Jisoo is the queen of the party. Honestly, your duet would be a little bit chaotic. You'll be laughing more than singing.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK / Twitter @JisoobpChile

2. Mostly B: Jennie

Jennie and you are choosing a cheerful song. The perfect singer for a cheerful song!

Jennie from BLACKPINK / Twitter @sprcles

3. Mostly C: Rose

Both of you are in the mood for a Hip Hop song. Of course, your collab with Rose will be the best of the night.


4. Mostly D: Lisa

The most emotive moment of the night would be when you and Lisa take the microphone to sing a ballad. You're an amazing duet!


Are you a good friend? Let's see who would be your best friend among BLACKPINK members

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