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Quiz: Which BLACKPINK member would be your best friend?

Can you imagine being a bestie to any of the BLACKPINK idols? Take our quiz and find out who would be

BLINK would love not only to meet the BLACKPINK members, but also to make them their friends, maybe you have enough in common with some of them to be their best friend forever.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups at the moment and surely many fans dream of meeting these idols in person. And it is that they are not only extremely talented girls, they are also very sweet, beautiful and kind people. They have great power onstage and offstage they are amazing girls.

This is why BLINK has not only fallen in love with BP's music, but also with the personalities and charisma of its members. Through interviews, shows, and other content, the idols have shown different sides of themselves that really captivate fans.

This is why BLINK's dream is to meet the BLACKPINK idols, perhaps share a great moment together, have their autographs and a nice memory even with a photograph. Perhaps many of us would love to meet our favorite K-Pop artists.

And even better, it would be to make some of the BLACKPINK members our friends, don't you think? Find out who of them would become your best friend with this quick and fun quiz that we prepared for you.

Quiz: Which of the BLACKPINK idols would become your bestie?

Which of these classes would you take?

How would you define your personality?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Who'd be yur bestie from BLACKPINK? | Twitter: @starfess

 Which of these places would you travel to?

How is your style when you dress? 

Which of these fashion brands is your favourite?

Did you write down your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Lisa

You have a lot in common with Lisa, so it'll be cool if you two have a great friendship, right? You both share some hobbies and some features of your personalities.

Lisa would be your best friend | Twitter: @blackpinkfuls

2. Mostly B: Rosé

Rosé would be your bestie in BLACKPINK, you have some things in common with her and you'll share great moments and memories. You have the same passion for music and that will create a great bond.

Rosé and you'd have a special friendship | Twitter: @lalalisaaa__m

3. Mostly C: Jennie

Jennie is a great girl and she would be your best friend, you will make an amazing convo for everything since your personalities and hobbies are pretty similar.

You'd be Jennie's BFF | Twitter: @betheone_4

4. Mostly D: Jisoo

Wouldn't it be cool to befriend Jisoo? Well, you have a lot in common with her and that'd make you have a great friendship with this idol.

Jiso would be your bestie | Twitter: @superyeppi

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