BLACKPINK for 'Lovesick Girls' BLACKPINK for 'Lovesick Girls'

Quiz: Which BLACKPINK member has the best fashion tips for you?

BLACKPINK has the coolest fashion taste! Let's find out which member has the best fashion tips for you.

All the K-Pop Idols put a lot of effort into their outfits. We are used to seeing them wearing wonderful styles for their music videos and performances. That's not all, off stage these artists have the greatest taste as well.

Among all these hot artists, there are a few Idols that stand out thanks to their personal styles. For sure you are already thinking about BLACKPINK. The whole group is involved in collabs with the most prestigious house designs.

These beautiful members never fail the most iconic outfits. No matter if they are attending a fashion show, dropping new music, or just taking a flight, they are always stunning!

Would you like to look as good as BLACKPINK? We can learn some tips for the members. They have different styles, one of those would be perfect for you. Let's find out what kind of fashion tips they have for you.

QUIZ: Which BLACKPINK member would give you fashion tips?

► What is your favorite song from 'The Album'?

► Choose a pop singer

► What is your favorite rookie group?

► Choose a vocalist of BTS 

► What is your favorite boy group?

► Which BLACKPINK music video do you like the most?

► Choose an accessory

It's time to look like a K-Pop Idol! Let's find out the result.

1. Mostly A: Jisoo

Elegance is your second name. Just like Jisoo, the minimalistic style would suit you perfectly. Monochromatic and classic silhouettes never fail.

Jisoo wearing Dior / Twitter @kimchiv0330

2. Mostly B: Lisa

It is okay to explore new fashion ideas. The most important is to wear clothes that reflect your personality. Lisa loves some risky accessories that made the outfits even better.

Lisa for Celine / Twitter @mimi_jisoo

3. Mostly C: Jennie

Jennie always looks sophisticated but youthful at the same time. The balance is the best option for you. You would look awesome adding some accessories.

Jennie from BLACKPINK / Twitter @JKmoon0497

4. Mostly D: Rose

Simple is the best. Rose chose outfits to point out her lines. You can do the same with monotone clothes. 

Rose wearing Saint Laurent / Twitter @metalxrose

What kind of style do you like the most? 

Maybe Red Velvet can give you some ideas for a new outfit. Take this quiz to find out a music video with an awesome fashion code.

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