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Quiz: Which Ariana Grande song describes your personality the best?

One of these songs by Ariana Grande is perfect to describe your personality.  We are telling you which one.

Human beings are complicated. Sometimes even trying to explain our real persona is hard. Also, we are always changing according to our experiences. Can you describe yourself in just one word?

It's quite difficult, right? But, what about a song? Music is a language that can be very helpful in these situations. Maybe you can relate better to a great rhythm, a beautiful melody, or poetic lyrics.

Since Ariana Grande has a wide career, she has dropped tracks with different genres and messages. We are sure that you can find a song that suits your personality inside her discography.

The pop star has the perfect single for you. It's time to check a few of your preferences to get the appropriate style. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, five minutes, and your honest answers. Here we go!

QUIZ: Which song by Ariana Grande describes your personality?

► Choose a color

► Choose a music genre

► Choose an animal

► Choose your favorite collab

► Choose a male pop singer

► Choose a female pop singer

► Choose an Arian Grande album

That's it! Let's listen to your perfect song.

1. Mostly A: .7 rings

You like fancy things. You are working hard to achieve this expensive lifestyle. We are cheering for you.

2. Mostly B: no tears left to cry

Life is not a tragedy, right? You are super positive, so you prefer to enjoy the day than cry all the time.

3. Mostly C: Break Free

You are a free spirit. Your love being yourself even if others do not understand your style.

4. Mostly D: God is a woman

No one can stop you. You're super confident. This is the best song for a powerful lady.

Are you a true fan of Ariana Grande?

Here are some fun facts about her that every fanatic should know.

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