Take this Aespa's quiz! Take this Aespa's quiz!

Quiz: Which Aespa member would become your bestie?

Can you imagine being best friends with one of the members of Aespa? Take our quiz and find out who would be

Aespa has extremely talented idols with brilliant personalities, would you like to be friends with one of them? Then take this quiz that will tell you which of these girls would become your BFF.

Aespa is an excellent K-Pop group made up of 4 amazing artists who work hard in the studio and on stage to give their best for their fans. Despite being a fairly young group, they have already conquered the world with their music and performances, they are simply unstoppable.

There is much that we can admire about the Aespa girls, first of all there are their great talents, they are amazing singers and dancers, there is no doubt about it. But these idols also have beautiful personalities, their charisma is brilliant, and we really love seeing them at all times even off stage. And we can't forget their visuals, they are really pretty.

Of course, Aespa fans have seen all these special qualities in their favorite idols and can't stop thinking about what it would be like to meet them. Just by seeing them in concert, we are sure that the fans of this girl group would feel happy and joyful.

But, can you imagine being friends with any of these Aespa idols? We're sure she'd be great, so take this quiz and find out which one of them would become your bestie.

Quiz: Who of the Aespa members would be your best friend?

Choose the animal that you like the most

What would you like to eat right now?

Which of these countries would you like to visit?


Which of these drinks do you drink most often?

Which of these female idols do you like the most?

What do you like to do with your friends?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results you have is quiz

1. Mostly A: Karina

You have a lot in common with Karina and that's how you two would become best friends, you like the same things and have a similar personality to her.

Karina would be your bestie | Twitter: @JNKRNFEED

2. Mostly B: NingNing

You have a similar personality and interests like the ones that NingNing has, that's why you would make a quick click and become real good friends.

NingNing would be yout BFF | Twitter: @capraecorn

3. Mostly C: Winter

You and Winter have a lot of things in common and that's how you two would become best friends, we're sure you're gonna share the best adventures with her.

Winter and you're besties now | Twitter: @kwinterfeed

4. Mostly D: Giselle

Wouldn't you love to be the best friend of Giselle? You have a lot in common with this Aespa idol, that's how you two would become besties.

Giselle would be your friend | Twitter: @DAILYMARKSELLE

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