Which Aespa's member is your soulmate? Which Aespa's member is your soulmate?

Quiz: Which Aespa member would be your soulmate?

Aespa is an amazing girl group that we can't stop loving, which member from this girl group matches the best with you?

Aespa has a lot of fans and all of them dream about getting to meet these idols and maybe even have a cool friendship with them, but... Can you imagine how would it be to be the soulmate of one of these idols? Take our fun quiz and find out if one of them is your twin flame.

Aespa is a girl group which debuted in 2020, these idols are under SM Entertainment, a big K-Pop agency which has a lot of amazing idol groups and there's no exception with this one. There are a lor of things you might like about this group which a lot of fans can't stop loving.

Thanks to all of the talent and dedication of Aespa members, the girl group has had a lot of seccess in K-Pop, they quickly won over a lot of fans' hearts who will support and love this idol group no matter what. We can also appreciate a lot of the idols from this band, the 5 of them work hard for their fandom and they also have amazing personalities.

We're sure it'd be super cool to get to know better the girls from Aespa, hang out with them and even befriend them. Maybe fans have a lot in common with the idols from this girl group, and they'll find someone who understands them not only throught the group's songs.

Maybe you're the soulmate of one of these idols, do you want to find it out? The take our quiz that will tell you if one of the Aespa members is your perfect soul match.

Quiz: Is one of Aespa's members your soulmate?

Which job would you love to have?

What do you do on your days off?

Which one of these is your favorite food?

Which Aespa member is your perfect match? | Twitter: @hourlygiselle

What kind of movies do you usually watch?

Which one of these drinks do you like the most?

Besides Aespa, which one of these K-Pop groups do you like the most?

Did you write your answers? Let's take a look at this quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Karina

Karina is your Aespa's soulmate, you have a lot in common with this cute idol, is she your bias from this girl group? She's your perfect match!

Karina is your soulmate | Twitter: @luvieaespa

2. Mostly B: Ningning

You'd be the soulmate of Ningning since you both have a lot in common and you have similar personalities, this Aespa idol is your perfect match, isn't it amazing?

You'd be Ningning's soulmate | Twitter: @yizhuodaily

3. Mostly C: Winter

Winter has a lot in common with you, so you're definitively her soulmate. She's a great artist and maybe you can start off having a cute friendship.

Winter is your soulmate | Twitter: @winterjpg_

4. Mostly D: Giselle

Your Aespa's soulmate is Giselle, you and this idol from the girl group are a perfect match since you both have a lot of things in common, wouldn't it be great to hang out with her?

Giselle is your perfect match | Twitter: @gisellespics

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