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Quiz: Which ATEEZ member would have a crush on you?

ATEEZ is an amazing K-Pop group, could it be that you can conquer the heart of any of its members? Find it out with this quiz

ATEEZ has extremely talented members who have also stolen hearts, would any of them have a crush on you? Our fun and quick quiz will tell you.

8 idols are part of ATEEZ, an incredible K-Pop group that has conquered millions of fans around the world thanks to their incredible songs and performances that delight ATINY at all times. They debuted in 2018 and have been working hard for their audience ever since.

The more we get to know the members of ATEEZ, the more lovable they become, and in addition to being extremely talented, they also have beautiful personalities and effervescent charismas that end up making fans fall in love. There is much we can admire about these artists, their passion and love for music and the stage, their ways of being and more.

We cannot forget the visuals of the members of ATEEZ, all of them have very beautiful physical characteristics and that have simply ended up leaving ATINY with a great crush on each of these artists. All of them are quite handsome and many fans have chosen them as their biases.

But, can you imagine stealing the heart of any of these ATEEZ idols? Here our fun quiz will tell you which of them would have a crush on you.

Quiz: Which ATEEZ member would fall in love with you?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Which of these colors do you like the most?

Besides ATEEZ, which of these groups or artists do you like the most?

Which ATEEZ member would be in love with you? | Twitter: @1117FOLDER

 What word best defines you?

Choose the song you like the most from ATEEZ

Who's your ATEEZ's bias?

Did you write your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Hongjoong

You like some of the same things as Hongjoong and also have a similar personality, that would make your connection good and he would definitely develop a crush on you.

Hongjoong is your boy in ATEEZ | Twitter: @MJiminiature

2. Mostlye B: Seonghwa

Seonghwa would definitely fall in love with you as he would find someone who would understand him by having some things in common with this ATEEZ idol, wouldn't it be great to go on a date with him?

Seonghwa would have a crush on you | Twitter: @pseonghwapics

3. Mostly C: Yunho

You and Yunho have a lot in common, so he could definitely fall in love with you by feeling understood by you, what date would you want to go on with him?

You'll be Yunho's crush | Twitter: @yunhoselcas

4. Mostly D: Yeosang

Would you like to date ATEEZ's Yeosang? Well, it is that this idol would have a crush on you because he is attracted to the tastes they have in common and your personality is also compatible with his.

Yeosang would date you | Twitter: @yeosoobdolls

5. Mostly E: San

San is a wonderful idol and you definitely have so much in common with him that you would be his crush. Woah! It would be super magical to have one or many dates with this idol.

San has a crush on you | Twitter: @sanwiaren

6. Mostly F: Mingi

Surely you would love to have a date with Mingi, because this ATEEZ member would be very in love with you since you have a lot of things in common with him.

Mingi would be in love with you | Twitter: @MingiDen

7. Mostly G: Wooyoung

We love Wooyoung and his personality which would be very compatible with yours, which would make him have a big crush on you, wouldn't that be great?

Wooyoung would date you | Twitter: @allabout_atz

8. Mostly H: Jongho

ATEEZ's maknae and you have a lot in common, Jongho would find you to be cool and would surely have a crush on you.

Jongho would have a crush on you | Twitter: @rockstarcjongho

We have more quizzes for you, this one will tell you if you're compatible with Wonho, an amazing K-Pop soloist.

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