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Quiz: Where would you go out on your first date with TXT's Soobin?

Hey MOA! Would you like to go on a date with Soobin? If the answer is yes, it's time to take this quiz.

We all know how good TXT music is. These talented Idols have conquered our hearts with their great song and awesome charms on stage. Well, MOA knows that the groups has also a lot to offer off stage.

The singers of "Blue Hour" are constantly showing their adorable personalities. They could be perfect boyfriends, right? Can you imagine what it would be like to go on a date with Soobin? Today let's find that out.

The tall Idol is well known for his calm but lovely personality. There is a mysterious aura surrounding him. However, the fans already notice that when he is with the people he loves the most he can even be a little bit playful and adorable.

His comforting and caring behavior makes him true boyfriend material. The 21 year-old singer can melt down your soul easily. Are you ready to find out what would be your first date? Look for a piece of paper and let's start!

QUIZ: What would your first date with TXT's Soobin be like?

► Choose a superhero

► Which animal is the perfect pet?

► What is your favorite season?

► Choose a girl group

► Choose a color to wear on the date

► Choose a female solo artist

Are you ready for the date? Let's see where are you going!

1. Mostly A: Shopping

Is not a common first date, however, you are already looking for some couple stuff. Would you like to use the same phone case as Soobin?

TXT's Soobin / Twitter @kamalpingu

2. Mostly B: A walk in the park

You don't want something big, simple is better. To meet each other and have a comfortable talk, fresh air is the best option.

Soobin, TXT leader / Twitter @PeruSoobin

3. Mostly C: Arcade Games

You can be a little bit competitive. Would Soobin let you win? Maybe he also wants to get the victory.

Soobin of TXT / Twitter @csbpics

4. Mostly D: An elegant dinner

Soobin is taking you to an exclusive restaurant. Everything would be perfect, with delicious food and the best company.

TXT's Soobin / Twitter @yeonbinaddict

 You're so lucky! Did you enjoy the date?

Would you like to know more about Yeonjun? Take this quiz to find out how could be a date with the Idol.

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