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Quiz: Where would you go out on your first date with EXO's Kai?

Kai of EXO is a famous 'boyfriend material'. If you were dating him, what would be your first date? Let's find it out!

Say the name of one of the best dancers in K-Pop. Okay, now, among all these talented Idols, who is the sexiest one? Yes, of curse we are talking about Kai. The member of EXO has some of the most iconic fancams because of his insane stage presence.

Back in 2011 SM Entertainment has presenting the members' names of its iconic group EXO. The first one was Kai, he caught the attention of the public because of his beauty and unbelievable dancing skills.

Since then, the Idol has been conquering tons of hearts all over the world. On the stage, his charisma is amazing. On the other hand, the handsome singer has an adorable persanolari out of the scenarios.

Also, he is a famous fashion icon, his style is not a joke. The singer of "Peaches" is nothing but boyfriend material. Can you imagine how would be to be on a date with him? Let's find out where would you go with Kai for the first date.

QUIZ: What would be your first date with EXO's Kai?

► Choose an EXO song

► Choose an EXO member

► What is your favorite girl group?

► Choose an animal

►What is your favorite Kai's fancam

► Choose a K-Pop main dancer

► What is your favorite K-Drama genre?

That's all! Are you ready for the date? Let's see where would you go.

1. Mostly A: One-day trip

No matter what is the destination. Kai and you would choose a place randomly to have a wonderful trip together.

Kai from EXO / Twitter @_Yuna_official

2. Mostly B: Shopping

You have a lot in common with Kai. You love fashion as much as he does. You would be shopping for the best couple outfits.

Kai is a fashion icon / Twitter @EXOPublicity

3. Mostly C: Dinner

The perfect dinner for you includes a delicious dinner and a good conversation. Kai and you would have the best stories to share.

EXO's Kai / Twitter @TeamEXObase

4. Mostly D: A day playing with dogs

You both are animal lovers. Are you ready t have fun with Kai and some cute dogs? You are the perfect couple!

Kai loves dogs / Twitter @cosmicxsoo

What do you think? Did you enjoy the date?

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