Take this quiz for your date with Yeonjun Take this quiz for your date with Yeonjun

Quiz: Where would you go on your first date with TXT's Yeonjun?

Can you imagine going on a date with Yeonjun? Surely the TXT idol would take you to a great place, find out with this quiz

The members of TXT have conquered MOA and perhaps many fans would like to have a date with these idols, how would yours be with Yeonjun? Our quiz will tell you.

TXT is a young K-Pop group with big stars in their lineup. Among the members of this boy band we will find Choi Yeonjun, he is the oldest member in the group and is also in charge of singing, dancing and sometimes rapping for the idol group. He is an extremely talented artist.

Yeonjun also has a great personality, in this one he not only shows the passion and professionalism he has for his work, music and dance. This Tomorrow X Together idol is also someone kind, cute, sweet and more that he always shows for his fans who love and support him.

And we can't forget Yeonjun's visuals, this idol is extremely attractive to a large part of MOA who have chosen him as their idol group bias. Perhaps he has also already conquered your heart with his talent, charisma, personality and beautiful physical characteristics.

So it would be a dream for many fans to go on a date with Yeonjun, and if you take our fun quiz he will tell you. Where would you go with this TXT idol?

Quiz: Where would your date with TXT's Yeonjun be?

How is your personality?

How do you think Yeonjun would ask you out?

What do you like the most about Yeonjun?

Where would you go on a date with Yeonjun? | Twitter: @joonietanlyn

 What do you like to do on the weekends?

Which of these words is most related to you?

 What gift would you give Yeonjun on your first date?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the result of the quiz

1. Mostly A: Amusement park

Wouldn't it be cool to have a fun and extreme date with Yeonjun? You both would go to an amasument park and have a lot of fun, you could eat some fast food there and then share a great and sunny day.

You'd have a great date in an amusement park with Yeonjun | Twitter: @filmandfiction

2. Mostly B: Your favorite cafe

Yeonjun would surprise you taking you to your favorite cafe, he know how much you love the food and cupcakes of this place, so it'd be perfect for both to have a long conversation a lot of coffee cups there.

You'd have a coffee date with Yeonjun | Twitter: @L0STAN6EL

3. Mostly C: At home

Yeonjun know that you're not someone who loves to be outside, so he'll invite you to his own home. He'll prepare some food for you, and maybe you could watch some movies on Netflix with snacks and something else.

Movie marathon date for you | Twitter: @greenprems

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