SEVENTEEN's Vernon for 'HOT' SEVENTEEN's Vernon for 'HOT'

Quiz: Where are you going out on your first date with SEVENTEEN's Vernon?

Are you a SEVENTEEN fan? Let's find out where Vernon is taking you for your first date.

Since his rookie days, Vernon caught the attention of the public because of his gorgeous appearance. Every single member of SEVENTEEN is very handsome, however, the rapper stands out even among all these Idols.

The 24 year-old artist is an all-rounded musician. Just after Woozi, he is the member with the most copyrighted songs in the group. His raps are pretty creative and unique, He's involved in music production these days. Also, his dancing skills and stage presence are not a joke.

We also have to mention his adorable personality, he is a calm free spirit who really enjoys his free time in the company of his friends. This talented singer has conquered too many hearts all over the world.

You could be already his soulmate. Let's check where are you going out for your first date. Grab a piece of paper and let's start.

QUIZ: Where is Vernon taking you on your first date?

► Choose a K-Drama to watch with Vernon

► What is your favorite dish?

► What kind of outfit would you wear for the date?

► Choose the color that fits your personality the best

► Vernon recommends you a great song. What genre would you like to listen to?

► Choose your favorite genre to watch on Netflix

Let's check the result. Are you ready for the date?

1. Mostly A: A day at the beach

You are going to the beach. It will be a calm but romantic date to enjoy the sunset.

Vernon at the beach / Twitter @sunshinenonie

2. Mostly B: Amusement park

Vernon knows pretty well how to have fun. A day at the amusement park will be great to live unforgettable moments.

Vernon on a trip / Twitter @minwonblissed

3. Mostly C: An elegant dinner

Let's prepare for a special moment in an elegant restaurant. The food is delicious and the company is perfect.

Vernon from SEVENTEEN / Twitter @apochwe

4. Mostly D: A walk in the park

You don't need a complicated plan. Even a simple moment could be the best if you are with Vernon.

SEVENTEEN's Vernon / Twitter @BoosLilBub

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