Take this Lee Min Ho's quiz! Take this Lee Min Ho's quiz!

Quiz: What would your first date with Lee Min Ho be like?

Who wouldn't love dating actor Lee Min Ho? Here's a quiz that will tell you what your first date with him would be like

Lee Min Ho's fans really love him and surely there are more than one who would love to go out with him on a date, take this quiz and find out what yours would be like.

Lee Min Ho is an excellent Korean actor that we have seen in a lot of dramas and movies. Among his most memorable works are 'Boys Over Flowers', 'The Heirs', and more recently 'Pachinko'. In these productions he has managed to present us with the best of his talents.

Thanks to the popularization of K-Dramas, now Minho has managed to attract the attention of many more people around the world. It is no secret that this actor has one of the biggest fandoms in the drama industry. He is loved in a lot of countries around the planet.

And the fans are very loyal to this actor, Lee Min Ho enjoys the great love and support that his fanbases have given him at all times. We know that this Korean celebrity's talent, personality, and visuals have made the world totally fall in love with him.

Wouldn't you like to go on a date with Lee Min Ho? Here's a fun and quick quiz that will tell you what your first date with this amazing K-Drama actor would be like.

Quiz: What kind of first date would you have with Lee Min Ho?

Which of these words do you think best defines you?

Where would you like to meet Lee Min Ho?

What do you like the most about Lee Min Ho?

Would you have a date with Lee Min Ho? | Twitter: @kdramasdiary

 What matters most to you on a first date?

Which side of Lee Min Ho would you like to meet on your first date?

What outfit would you like to wear on the first date with Lee Min Ho?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of the quiz

1. Mostly A: A date in an elegant restaurant

Lee Min Ho would reserve the best, most elegant restaurant in Seoul for you and him to share a romantic dinner together, he would definitely show you his most charming side which you would fall in love with even more.

Lee Min Ho and you would have an elegant dinner | Twitter: @InsideWeddings

2. Mostly B: Bowling date

Did you know that Lee Min Ho actually enjoys going bowling? It'll be a pretty fun date with him playing this sport and eating something at the place, we know it's gonna be an authentic date.

Bowling date for you and Lee Min Ho | Twitter: @monsyboy

3. Mostly C: Beach date

We imagine that you went to the beach and actually met Lee Min Ho there, so maybe later you can have a date on the beach with a bonfire or something in the sand, dressing comfortably and maybe not so covered up from the heat. And they will have a beautiful conversation in the moonlight.

You'd have a beach date with Lee Min Ho | Twitter: @aestheticthingg

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