Take this quiz of BTS' Taehyung Take this quiz of BTS' Taehyung

Quiz: What would your first date with BTS' Taehyung be like?

Going on a date with V would be great, find out what yours would be like by taking this fun quiz

Taehyung has conquered the hearts of ARMY multiple times, how could his fans spend a date with the idol of BTS? Find out yours with this quiz.

The members of BTS have managed to touch the hearts of millions of fans around the world with their songs, personalities, charisma, visuals and many more characteristics that are part of each of them. Among the lineup of this boy band we find Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung is an extremely talented boy passionate about music, his different facets show us that he not only enjoys singing and dancing, this artist also knows how to play some instruments and enjoys listening to his favorite artists from various musical genres.

There is much that we can admire about V and recognize about him, a person who has been very honest and transparent with ARMY. Perhaps it is because of this characteristic that many fans have chosen this member of Bangtan Sonyeondan as their bias.

And without forgetting the visuals of Tae who has also stolen looks and captivated hearts, can you imagine having a date with this idol? Find out what it would be like with this fun quiz.

Quiz: What kind of first date would you have with BTS' V?

How do you think your personality is?

What do you like the most about Taehyung?

What do you usually do in your free time?

How would your date with Taehyung go? | Twitter: @kthddd

 Which side of V would you like to meet during your first date?

What outfit would you like to wear to your first date with Taehyung?

What physical characteristic of V do you like the most?

 Did you write down your answers? Let's check the quiz results!

1. Mostly A: Picnic in a garden

Your first date with Taehyung would be with a picnic in the garden, you and the BTS idol would share a delicious outdoor brunch and get to know each other better surrounded by flowers and nature.

A picnic would be your perfect date | Twitter: @niallcorebot

2. Mostly B: Amusement park

Maybe you could have a big date with Taehyung at an amusement park, both of you would have a lot of fun while getting on some rides and maybe in the middle of the afternoon you could take a break to share a greasy meal on the spot.

You'd have a cool date at the amusement park | Twitter: @btsaesthetic

3. Mostly C: A jazz club

As you should know, Taehyung enjoys jazz a lot so he would definitely invite you to a club to dance to the rhythm of this type of song, it would be very romantic and also a moment where you can get to know the idol better.

Jazz club date for you | Twitter: @dezeen

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