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Quiz: What would your first date with BTS' RM be like?

The charismatic leader of BTS is nothing but boyfriend material. Let's check what would be your first date with RM like.

The members of BTS had conquered the hearts of millions all over the world. According to ARMY, the entire fandom has now high expectations about boyfriends thanks to these good-looking gentlemen.

Tons of fans would love to have a face-to-face encounter with these talented Idols. If you could meet RM, what would you say to him? Since imagining is not a crime, let us know, would you like to go on a date with the tall leader?

If the answer is yes, then, you are in the correct place. We are telling you what would be the perfect date for you and Namjoon. Of course, it has to be an activity that suits the hobbies of the rapper and your preferences.

Are you ready for the date? All you need is a piece of paper, five minutes, and your love for RM. Choose the option that is closer to your preferences. Don't worry all the dates we have prepared are very romantic.

QUIZ: What kind of first date would RM prepare for you?

► Choose a BTS track

► Choose a color

► Choose a track from 'mono'

► Choose a present for RM

► Choose a member of the vocal line

► Choose a BT21 character

► Chose a music genre

It's time for the date! Here we go!

1. Mosly A: Museum Date

You love art as much as RM does. This would be an interesting and unforgettable date.

RM in Europe / Twitter @kkoophoria_


2. Mosly B: Trip to the countryside

You would be on a short trip to take some fresh air. The beauty of nature will create the best romantic mood.

RM's post / Twitter @namieh_chimmy

3. Mosly C: Casual dinner

The best way to know each other would be a relaxing date to have a delicious dinner. Such a great night!

BTS' RM / Twitter @joonstreat

4. Mostly D: Cycling Date

It would be pretty fun to go on a short tour with RM. A bicycle ride will be perfect for you since.

BTS leader, RM / Twitter @RMGuatemalatwt

Don't miss these collaborations by RM. He is super talented! 

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