Quiz: What would be your role as a member of a K-Pop group?

Would you like to be a K-Pop Idol? Take this quiz to know what could be your position in a group.

K-Pop is not just a music genre, there is a whole culture that includes a specific dynamic with the fans. We also need to talk about the system of Korean entertainment. It is pretty different from the western one.

Before their debut, the Korean Idols have to spend many years as trainees. During that period the artists improve their skills and the labels decided if a trainee is ready or not to debut. To be part of a group, the Idols take a ceratin role that presents their biggest talent.

That's why the members present themselves with that position. Leader, main singer, rapper lead dancer, maknae and visual. As you may know, an artist can be pretty good at all these abilities, however, there will be one title that is more helpful to identify them.

Are you wondering what would be your position if you were an Idol? Well, you will know it in just a few minutes. Don't forget that at the end of the day you would be good in more than one role. Let's find out your position in a group.

QUIZ: What would be your role as a K-Pop Idol?

►Choose an ITZY track

► What is your best feature?

► How do your friends describe you?

► Choose an animal

► Who is your favorite Korean female soloist

► Who is your favorite Korean male soloist?

► Choose a STRAY KIDS song

That's it! Is time to check the result. Are you ready for the show?

1. Mostly A: Rapper

Your attitude is the best! You would shock the crowd with your fast raps.

Suga is a super talented rapper / Twitter @SabrynaNe

2. Mostly B: Leader

 Your social abilities are perfect. You would encourage your group and help to stick them together.

Jihyo is the leader of TWICE / Twitter @kookiescity

3. Mostly C: Main Vocalist

You're gonna melt down the public with your beautiful voice. You would be the center of the songs.

Wendy, main vocalist of Red Velvet / Twitter @sweetbaejen

4. Mostly D: Lead Dancer

 You would control the stage easily. Your charisma is out of this world. it's perfect for the leade dancer.

Lisa of BLACKPICK / Twitter @lsrapqueen

5. Mostly E: Maknae

Yes, you are cute, and you love it. The rest of the group would take care of you the whole time.

SHINee's Taemin / Twitter @tlmtiny

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