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Quiz: What type of song would BTS' Suga produce for you?

Suga is a super talented producer. If he would make a track for you, what genre he would use? This quiz is telling the answer.

All BTS members have a special ability that contributes to the music of the group. Suga is the fierce rapper and producer of the K-Pop sensation. He spends too much time at the recording studio creating new tracks.

He was been working as a producer since his trainee days. Nowadays, he has built a successful career in the area as well. Min Yoongi made songs for PSY, Heize, IU, and more Korean superstars.

Previously, Suga said that he would create different tracks for the rest of the members according to their personalities. For V he would make a song with saxophone and a ballad that suit Jin's voice.

So, what genre would Suga choose for a track made for you? You'll be answering according to your preferences to get the track the Idol would prepare for you. Are you ready for the quiz? Here we go!

QUIZ: Which genre would Suga use to produce a song for you?

► Choose a BTS song

B) Dionysus
C) Life Goes On
D) Black Swan

► Choose a word to describe yourself

A) Cheerful
B) Confident
C) Sweet
D) Sophisticated

► Choose a member of the vocal line

A) Jimin
B) Jungkook
C) Jin
D) V

► Choose a bear

A) Polar bear
B) Black bear
C) Sun bear
D) Panda

► What is your favorite 'Proof' track?

A) Born Singer
B) Run BTS
C) Yet To Come
D) For Youth

► Choose an English song

A) Butter
B) My Universe
C) Permission To Dance
D) Dynamite

► Choose a neon color

A) Yellow
B) Blue
C) Pink
D) Orange

That's it! Is time to check your new song!

1. Mostly A: EDM

An EDM track suits your personality the best. You are super energetic and cheerful, Suga would chose the best track for you.

Suga of BTS / Twitter @baangtancity

2. Mostly B: Pop-Rock

You have the soul of a rockstar! Suga would make a song to show your confidence and powerful charisma.

BTS' Suga / Twitter @ExercitusInvict

3. Mostly C: Ballad

Can you imagine Suga playing a ballad for you? It would be the perfect song for your sweet and lovely personality.

Suga playing piano / Twitter @daiIyminsuga

4. Mostly D: R&B

Suga would work on an R&B song that shows the best of your calm but sexy character. The best option ever!

Suga of BTS / Twitter @suga93lilmeow

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