Take this Justin Bieber's quiz! Take this Justin Bieber's quiz!

Quiz: What song could you collaborate with Justin Bieber on?

Surely it's great to work with Justin Bieber in the studio, find out what song you would sing with him in this quiz

There are a lot of artists who have collaborated with Justin Bieber and maybe your voice and personality fit one of these collaborations, find out with this quiz.

Justin Bieber is one of the most relevant singers in the music industry, his history is already quite long in this medium. He was discovered by his talent that he used to share in videos through YouTube, he would soon debut and would attract the attention of a lot of fans, from the beginning he was a phenomenon.

Over time we have seen Justin evolve as an artist, change course, experiment and grow even more. There are fans who have also grown up next to this singer, who have shown their love for him for a long time, from his debut until now. This artist has gone through different phases.

But either way, Bieber remains wildly popular and not only shines with his talents, he has also combined them in various collaborations. This singer has worked in the studio with other stars that we really admire. And his songs in collaboration with him have also become extremely popular.

Can you imagine collaborating with Justin Bieber? Here's a quiz that will tell you which song would be perfect for you to sing with this artist.

Quiz: What Justin Bieber collaboration could you do alongside the singer?

Which of these musical genres do you like the most?

How long have you been a fan of Justin Bieber?

What kind of songs do you like the most?


Apart from Justin, what other artist do you like the most?

Choose the female singer you like the most

What do you like the most about these three?

Did you write down your answers? Let's see the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Peaches

'Peaches' is a great collab song from Justin Bieber and you're pefect for this one, I'm sure that you could even make a choreography for it.

2. Mostly B: Stay

Stay has a great energy just like you and I think that you could sing in this one with JB, it's perfect for both.

3. Mostly C: Holy

'Holy' is great and chill, just like you, so it suits you best to collab with Justin Bieber, it's an amazing track.

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