Would you be TWICE's new member? Would you be TWICE's new member?

Quiz: What role would you have if you were a TWICE member?

Can you imagine a life as an idol? Find out with this quiz if you would be a singer, dancer or rapper of TWICE

TWICE is an amazing K-Pop group, can you imagine if it had one more member? You could be the tenth idol of this girl group, take this quiz and find out what role you would have.

TWICE is a full group of 9 members, these girls were chosen on the reality show 'SIXTEEN' to debut together. That happened in the now distant 2015 and during all this time, the girl group has grown exponentially and today is one of the most relevant in K-Pop.

TWICE has amazing singers, specialized dancers and agile and creative rappers, this is how the K-Pop group has created a perfect formula to present the best songs and performances for ONCE. Each work of the idols is unique and has a very special touch.

There is much we can admire about the artists that are part of TWICE and we know why JYP Entertainment chose them to create a group as excellent as it is today. A lot of fans have been totally captivated by the talents and charisma of these K-Pop stars.

But hey, have you imagined TWICE as an even bigger K-Pop group? Maybe you can be the tenth member of this girl group. Take this fun quiz and find out what role you would have in the band.

Quiz: What role would you have as the tenth member of TWICE?

What do you like the most about TWICE?

What do you like to do most during your days off?

How would you define your personality?

Would you be the tenth member of TWICE? | Twitter: @knowingpics

What do you enjoy most about K-Pop?

 Which member of TWICE do you think you would get along better with?

Which TWICE song do you like the most?

 Did you write down your answers? Let's check the quiz results!

1. Mostly A: Vocalist

You would be a great vocalist of TWICE, your sweet voice would give a new stamp to the girl group's songs that would be refreshed by your talent. You would be such an amazing singer like Jihyo or Nayeon.

You'd be a TWICE's vocalist | Twitter: @HOURLYSAHYO

2. Mostly B: Dancer

Surely the stage would be something amazing for you and you would perform as a TWICE dancer according to some of your characteristics. You would do a perfect dance duet with Momo.

You'd be a dancer for TWICE | Twitter: @Leftyflip86

3. Mostly C: Rapper

You would definitely be part of TWICE's rap line, one more rapper who would add great verses to each song of this girl group. You would surely be as good as Dahyun or Chaeyoung.

You'd be a TWICE's rapper | Twitter: @mihyonator

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