Would you be Bang Chan's lover? Would you be Bang Chan's lover?

Quiz: What kind relationship would you have with Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS?

Bang Chan is the leader of STRAY KIDS, can you imagine being close to this idol? This quiz will tell you what kind of relationship both would have

Would you rather be a fan, friend or girlfriend of Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS? Find out with this quiz which of these relationships you could have with this K-Pop artist.

STRAY KIDS is just an amazing idol group. The members of this band have managed to captivate many hearts of fans around the world. And it is that their music and performance are not a joke, with great songs and performances they have impacted the world thanks to their incredible skills and talents.

The leader of SKZ is Bang Chan, a young boy full of passion for music. His dedication is so great that he not only limits himself to interpreting his songs, he also writes, composes and produces them. Chan's work is admirable in every aspect, apart from being the head of his boy band, he also tends to care a lot about STAY.

Christopher Chan has a lot of qualities that we can admire, apart from being a great producer, singer, dancer and rapper. He also has a big heart, a bright personality, and a fun charisma that he has shown on several occasions. On SKZ songs and on their weekly show 'Chan's Room'.

Not forgetting the amazing visuals of Bang Chan, a talented and handsome artist who has been stealing glances, if he is your STRAY KIDS bias, then find out with this fun quiz what kind of relationship you would have with him.

Quiz: Which relationship would you have with Bang Chan, would you be his lover, friend or fan?

What do you usually do in your free time?

What is your favorite season of the year?

What do you like most about yourself?

Would you be Bang Chan's girlfriend? | Twitter: @f3lixir

How would you react to meeting Bang Chan?

What do you like most about Bang Chan?

Which of these words best defines you?

What kind of relationship would you have with Bang Chan? | Twitter: @f3lixir

Did you write your answers down? Let's check the results of this quiz

1. Mostly A: Fan

Perhaps from your first interaction with Bang Chan, your great fanaticism was noticed and he would be very grateful to you for being such a fan of STRAY KIDS and the idol, so he would only see you as a follower and would not hesitate to give you his autograph or take a selfie with you.

Bang Chan would see you just as a fan | Twitter: @stayvividxz

2. Mostly B: Friend

In your first interaction with Bang Chan you seemed friendly to him, so even though he knew you were his fan, you were also able to chat a bit about your common interests. You quickly gained his friendship and little by little trust was built between the two of you.

You'd be Bang Chan's best friend | Twitter: @HwangHyuneee

3. Mostly C: Lover

Between Bang Chan and you there was a great chemistry since they met, it was obvious that you recognized it but you were very cautious at that time. Maybe he found your physique attractive and also something about you he just liked, so he didn't hesitate to exchange numbers and well... the rest is history, now you're his lover.

You'd be Bang Chan's lover | Twitter: @skzmintz

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