Quiz: What kind of song would SEVENTEEN's Woozi produce for you?

Would you like to receive a song produced by Woozi? What style would the talented producer of SEVENTEEN choose for you?

Since its debut, PLEDIS Entertainment promoted SEVENTEEN with the title "Self-produced Idols". The members of this group are behind their music, concepts, and choreographies. Almost of their songs were produced by Woozi.

This skillful Idol is an awesome vocalist and dancer. However, today we are talking about his facet as a songwriter. Even before his debut, Lee Ji Hoon has been working in music. No one can deny that he creates the best hits.

His lyrics are beautiful, his melodies super catchy and his beats are insane. Since he is an all-rounded artist, he has made tracks for other artists. Would you like to have a song that Woozi produced just for you?

This quiz is telling you what kind of genre would Woozi choose the produce your special song. The singer of "Simple" would be inspired by your personality. Are you ready to receive one of his wonderful tracks?

QUIZ: What type of song would Woozi produce for you?

► Choose a member of the Performance Team

► Choose a pastel color

► Choose a feline

► Choose a neon color

► Choose a Woozi solo song

► Choose fruit

► Choose a SEVENTEEN single

It's time to check the result! 

1. Mostlly A: A Sweet Ballad

The most emotive lyrics and a sweet melody would be perfect for you. Woozi would make a masterpiece!

2. Mosly B: A Powerful EDM song

What about an intense love song? The message would be beautiful but with the coolest beats.

3. Mostly C: A Sexy Latin Inspired Track

You are a calm but charismatic person. A soft melody with Latin Rymthm would be perfect to let shine your attractive personality.

4. Mostly D: A Cute Pop Song

You have an adorable personality. A Woozi knows that a cheerful song would be perfect for you.

Are you trying the improve your dancing skills?  One of the members of the Performance Team would be happy to help you with your lessons. Take this quiz to know who would be your teacher.

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