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Quiz: What kind of relationship would you have with actor Kang Tae Oh?

Kang Tae Oh has stolen our hearts, do you want to know what relationship you would have with him? Our quiz will tell you

Actor Kang Tae Oh has made thousands of fans fall madly in love with his charms, if you can't get him out of your mind, then take this quiz that will tell you what kind of relationship you would have with him.

Kang Tae Oh is a talented Korean actor who debuted in 2011, then began his career in both Korean film and television. Little by little his career has been filled with more projects and lately he has become extremely popular thanks to his role as the protagonist of 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'.

Although obviously this is not the only K-Drama in which Tae Oh has acted, he already has 11 long years of acting career and we have also seen him in other series such as 'Doom At Your Service', 'The Tale of Nokdu ', and 'Thirty Nine'. His skills in front of the cameras are amazing.

There is definitely a lot we can admire about this great drama actor who also has a beautiful personality, he is super kind and cute, he has a good and gentlemanly heart. It is definitely the dream of every fan, because his visuals have also conquered a large part of the public in different parts of the world.

If you too have been won over by Korean actor Kang Tae Oh, then take this quick and fun quiz that will tell you what kind of relationship you would have with him, could you be his friend or something more than that?

Quiz: Would you be just a fan, friend or lover for Kang Tae Oh?

Which of these places in Korea would you love to visit?

Which Kang Tae Oh drama did you watch first?

What do you prefer to do on your days off?

Would you be Kang Tae Oh's lover? | Twitter: @kdramatreats

What do you like most about Kang Tae Oh?

What would you do if you found Kang Tae Oh on the street?

How do you think your personality is?

Did you write your answers? Let's check the quiz results! 

1. Mostly A: Just a fan

You don't have a lot of things in common with Kang Tae Oh and you're a great fan for him, so he would see you just like that, like a follower who loves and supports him.

You'd be just Tae Oh's fan | Twitter: @kdramatreats

2. Mostly B: Friend

You'll have a click with Kang Tae Oh if you meet him since both have some things in common, maybe if you have a short conversation with him, there'll be a freidnship growing.

You could be a friend for Kang Tae Oh | Twitter: @kdramatreats

3. Mostly C: Lover

You'd have a special chemistry with Kang Tae Oh, maybe and even at first sight, so you could turn into lovers, wouldn't it be amazing? You can get to be his lover.

You'd be a lover for this actor | Twitter: @irenejoyer

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